The Golden Bell Awards is Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Award. On October 8, the winners for the 51st Golden Bell Awards were revealed in a grand event in Taipei, Taiwan. When it came to the Best Actor and Best Actress awards, it's been reported that the judges went through hours of indecision and debate. How did Alice Ke (Marry Me or Not?) and Chris Wu finally win? Find out more.

When  Alice Ke was announced the winner for Best Actress in a Television Series, she first hugged with her Marry Me or Not? leading man Roy Chiu before she went on stage. Visibly shaken with mixed emotions, she twice asked the program to stop playing music, as she tearfully expressed her gratitude. She especially thanked the drama's director, Yu Jong-Jong, for giving her the role and being strict and demanding while filming, and said all the pressures have been worthwhile.

Her co-star  Roy Chiu also looked on with emotions. He was nominated for Best Actor in two different categories, but would unfortunately go home empty-handed.

Alice Ke's strongest competition came from  Cheryl Yang, who was nominated for A Touch of Green. After several rounds of voting by the judges, their final difference was reportedly to be minimal. Alice's recognition came from her breakthrough performance that was a departure from her previous roles and her own personality, in portraying an independent and strong-minded woman who is not necessarily likable.

The Best Actor in a Television Series award went to  Chris Wu (aka Wu Kang-Ren), who starred as a young fighter pilot in a heart-wrenching period drama. Reportedly, Chris Wu's win emerged after hours of discussion where the judges couldn't decide between him and Kingone Wang, who gave a compelling performance in The Day I Lost You, based on a real-life story.

Chris Wu went on stage and gave a particularly touching and rallying speech. He told the audience that it's really difficult to be an actor in Taiwan these days under budgetary and various other constraints. And yet, there are many dedicated and talented actors who are waiting for the chance to show their craft, and all they want is a chance. Chris said he waited years for his chance, and urged for more chances and resources for the actors.

Many DramaFever fans remember Chris fondly as the charismatic second male lead for romance drama  Substitute Princess. He was so likable that many viewers petitioned to let his character, Terry, win the girl. The production team then made the rare decision, perhaps even for the first time in Taiwanese dramas, where the leading man did not win the girl. Although the ending seemed open, it was clear that Terry would go on to be with his princess.

A Touch of Green took home six prizes, including Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Newcomer, Best Lighting, and Best Art and Design. Tracing the years after World World II and the ensuing Chinese civil war leading to the government of Republic of China retreating to Taiwan, the heart-wrenching drama portrayed the lives and loves for young air force pilots in a turbulent era and the women they left behind.

A partial list of other  winners at the star-studded event includes: 

Best Director in a Television Series: Tsao Jui-Yuan, for A Touch of Green.

Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series: Linda Liu (Liu Jui-Chi), for  The Day I Lost You.

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series: He Yi-Hang, for Baby Daddy.

Best Newcomer: Cindy Lien (Lie Yu-Han), for A Touch of Green.

You can click to this  LINK to watch the entire program that was broadcast live on October 8. 

Congratulations to Alice Ke, Chris Wu, and all the winners and nominees at the Golden Bell Awards. (I was on Team Terry too!)

Also, take a look at the glittering red carpet parade of glamorous stars  HERE.

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