Got7 rapper Jackson Wang has taken on a lot of new endeavors this year. He took up a starring role in the reality/variety show Roommate and ventured into acting with the short series Dream Knight, all in addition to his music career. Honestly, we are happy to see more of him! To celebrate his 20th birthday, here are 7 of our favorite Jackson moments!

1. Dream Knight is adorable and Jackson's character was pretty much his crazy self... He does whatever he needs to do, even if that means hitting on a very manly-looking woman (fellow Roommate Lee Guk Joo). Check out the clip in the video below! (Starts at 0:32)

2. This GIF of Jackson putting a face mask on SNSD's Sunny during an episode of Roommate is priceless. Her reaction says it all... and then he tries to look cool so she pokes him in the face.

3. He. Is. Wearing. An. Eeyore. Onesie. Thank you Roommate, thank you.

4. Jackson is in a side project called Big Byung, with N and Hyuk of VIXX, and Sungjae of BtoB. It's basically a K-pop parody group, but their song "Stress Come On!" is actually ridiculously catchy. If you watch this, remember that the boys of VIXX are NOT rappers. They gave it their all, but that's part of what makes it so funny!

5. There is something to be said about seductive Jackson.

6. When playing musical chairs with fans, he gave up his seat. So cute. Gentleman points +1!

7. Jackson during his part of "Stop Stop It." JB is clearly the lead in the MV for "Stop Stop It," but Jackson shines during his part of the video starting at 2:46. He is also constantly teasing the members during the whole video, and it's cute.

Happy birthday! What is your favorite Jackson moment? Are you a fan of Got7 or Big Byung? Have you watched his antics on Roommate? Did you enjoy the Dream Knight short series? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you haven't seen the short web series Dream Knight, see Jackson's performance below:

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