Kim Jong Kook is a restless man. In addition to being Running Man's most powerful man, he's taking a stab at his first acting role ever on new drama Producer, which premieres May 17 exclusively on DramaFever! Celebrating his 39th birthday tomorrow, we came up with seven reasons to love him. Scroll down to see how many you agree with us!

1. He taught himself how to speak fluent English 

Kim Jong Kook says lhe earned to speak English so he can help his mother travel abroad more comfortably when they go together.

2. He collaborated with Will Smith

Kim Jong Kook's 90s band Turbo was featured in the Korean version of Will Smith’s single "Just the Two of Us."

3. Sparta Kook is self disciplined

On Running Man, Kim Jong Kook astonishes others with his strength and power, although in fact he's been suffering from slipped disc in his lower back for years. He shares he also strictly regulates his diet and never eats anything too salty like ramen. 

4. Always challenging himself

Kim Jong Kook's friend and celebrity Hong Suk Chun said, “It’s only natural that humble and hard working Jong Kook is loved all over the world. I learn a lot from him."

He loves a good challenge. He's not afraid to cross dress, show his love for another man, learn about fashion as an outsider or even film a drama for the first time. The highly anticipated upcoming drama Producer is Kim Jong Kook's debut drama.

Watch the trailer of Kim Jong Kook's debut drama Producer:

5. Charity

When the ferry Sewol accident happened April 2014, Kim Jong Kook gave fifty thousand dollars for those affected by the accident. 

6. He comes from a family of talents 

Kim Jong Kook's niece Soya is a singer who debuted in 2010. Soya said in an interview she dreamed of becoming a singer when younger listening to Kim Jong Kook's boy band Turbo. Soya's fashion designer mother designed Turbo's costumes back in the day. Soya released her second album My Team, Other Team in January.

7. He is adorable when he gets shy in front of girls... with the exception of Ace Ji Hyo

Running Man costar Yoo Jae Suk likes to make fun of Kim Jong Kook by throwing out Yoon Eun Hye's name. Kim Jong Kook also blushed like crazy holding Moon Geun Young's hands in an October 2012 episode of Running Man.

"I love challenging work in all other areas but when it comes to women, it’s hard for me," Kim Jong Kook said. “Women always came to me first,” Kim Jong Kook said in an interview, “I’m not good (at asking girls out) because I’m shy.”

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