First on our Christmas list? Easy: A box full of corgi puppies. The video has almost 400,000 views since it was posted two and a half weeks ago. Expect millions more once it makes its rounds. Get ready for a cute attack!

A box of corgi puppies got dropped off at a college apartment and luckily someone was there to film it. The YouTube video was posted by Alyssa Royce, and captures the five corgi puppies in full blown cute mode. The puppies names are are Zeus, Juan, Kailani, Moka, and Koa, and we get to see what happens when the college kids let them roam free. But be warned, you may be tempted to stop whatever you're doing and immediately go to try and buy one.

Ok we'll take 50 of these please.

This magic of this photo just created five unicorns.

Corgi hairdresser.