IU got real at the My Mister press conference. She talked about her 18-year age difference with costar Lee Sun Gyun, the subsequent Lolita controversy, her wish to grow as an actor, and much more. Yesterday afternoon, the the four main leads and producer Kim Won Suk got up on stage at the Amoris Hall in Yeongdeungpo Times Square, Seoul.

The mood got somber when PD Kim showed tears, saying he felt thankful and sorry for IU. “Ji Eun mentioned the Lolita controversy she’d had, and asked if it was okay for her to join the team ... She’s doing so much for this drama,” He said, according to Yonhap.

IU also brought up the controversy, saying, "As a singer, I was aware of the controversy following an album I released. I thought about how the delivery might not be smooth, and if I don't reflect more, someone might get angry.

"I tried to be solid about it. I wanted to have more awareness, so I asked the director, 'Do you know about my controversy?' I also thought about the impact I could have on the drama. I was afraid the drama might cause controversy because of me, so I didn't want to be cast at first."

"I thought that if my controversy and the script weren't good together, I would've examined it further. However, reading it from a pure point of view, it felt like a good script with good people. The director also gave me confidence, so I said I'd do my best."

Lee Ji Eun decided to star in ‘My Mister’ also because she was convinced she’d grow as an actress. “When I couldn’t make my mind about filming [My Mister], producer Kim said I’ll have learned a lot when I’m done with this drama. I trusted him. I was convinced I would grow,” She said.

As she predicted, IU is actually learning a ton. “The female lead Ji Ahn makes all the issues and problems by herself from the get-go. I was so intrigued because she wasn't nice or cheerful,” she said. Read more about what attracted Ji Eun to ‘My Mister’ here.

Actor Lee Sun Gyun introduced his character as “similar but different” from himself. “Our personalities are different, but we have the same weight on our shoulders as [dads]. I related to the value of family and also [its] insecurities,” he shared.

Overall, the actors and PD Kim conveyed that this seemingly dark, weary show will gradually warm up and even become comical in the end. “The title ‘My Mister’ doesn’t mean ‘my man,’ but it means that strangers become close people … ‘My Mister’ is similar to ‘Misaeng’ or ‘Signal’ in the sense that it’s a story of living together,” PD Kim said.

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