Fans of Kill Me, Heal Me may have noticed that Ji Sung — regardless of which one of his seven personalities he is playing — consistently uses his hand to protect Hwang Jung Eum's head as she gets into the car. In a recent episode of MBC's Section TV, Ji Sung revealed that his wife Lee Bo Young is the root of the habit.

In the March 15 episode of Section TV, Ji Sung said that he developed the habit of what fans have dubbed "manner hands" while trying to impress his wife Lee Bo Young. "It happened when I was trying to score points with my wife," he explained. "“It’s what I did because I didn’t want [Lee Bo Young’s] head to hit the car; I guess you could say it just worked out."

Astute fans may have noticed Ji Sung's polite gesture in other dramas, as well, like Secret and Protect the Boss. Awww, what a gentleman! Honestly, it's no surprise that Lee Bo Young wasn't able to resist him, and now they're making the world even more adorable with their expected baby, who will be born this summer!

You can see the gallant Ji Sung in the current series Kill Me, Heal Me: