Today's episode introduces Mi-Ja's flower boy brother's best friend, Hyo (played by Woo Bin. He is so much fun to draw.)

When Mi-Ja was accepted to Seoul National University, she thought her days of being plagued by her flower boy brother were over. In today's drama we will see that she was wrong. If you haven't been reading along with this drama, here are parts One and Two. And of course, what would a K-drama be without flashbacks?


Please stay tooned for Part Four of My Brother, The Flower Boy, where these and other questions will be answered. . .Will the date go well? Will Mi-Ja think it's a good joke? Will Mun-Hee fall in love with Soon Bok? What will happen?

Can a man who thrives on first impressions give a girl from his past a second shot? Find out in the Taiwanese drama When I See You Again: