Kim Ji Hoon stared a little too long at Kang So Ra.

The Fly Daddy Fly actor and Dream High 2 actress presented an award together 2014 SBS Drama Awards. During their Special Acting Award in a miniseries presentation, Kim made a comment about her dress, but his stare lasted a little longer than necessary.

"There are a lot of visual aspects about an award ceremony. You have actors, actresses and their great works.The best thing to see are actress' beautiful attire. Kang So Ra is getting a lot of attention these days," he said. 

He added, "How are you doing today? Today, [your dress] looks more expensive than the last one." 

Following his acknowledgement, she responded, "Since it is..." 

Host Lee Hwa Jae playfully interjected, "You're looking at her up and down too much. It's being broadcast live. You might be prevented from entering SBS forever for it."

Kang wore a $30 H&M dress to the 2014 MAMAs.This time around, her dress was still a showstopper. 

Do you think her beautiful evening gown deserved a stare down? 

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