Despite a closer relationship in recent years (thanks in part to hallyu), there are still sensitive issues that need to be resolved between Japan and South Korea, most notably those regarding the Japanese occupation. Unexpectedly entangled in these matters is Kang Dong Won, whose comments he made in an interview 10 years ago regarding his pro-Japanese great grandfather are coming back to haunt him.

The last few days have not been so kind to Kang Dong Won, who has been making apologies for himself and his great-grandfather who he's never even met. A few days ago, a website in Korea posted information about his family history, which listed the patriarch in question as having been involved in a mining project during Japanese colonial rule. And because of this revelation, an interview Kang Dong Won gave in 2007 in which he praised his great-grandfather resurfaced online, causing his agency to go into immediate damage control by releasing a statement. And within two days, the actor spoke out with a statement of his own "Hello. This is Kang Dong Won. First, I would like to sincerely apologize for causing an uproar about my great-grandfather. Ever since I was little, I grew up hearing positive stories about him. My grandmother was the descendant of an independence patriot, so I accepted the stories about my great-grandfather without much thought. In 2007, at the time of the interview, I did not properly understand his wrongdoings. I apologize once again." 

It's understandable that some people may have gotten upset at all this, but Kang Dong Won sincerely apologized. He even went as far as to condemn his great-grandfather and his actions. After proclaiming his love of Korea, the 36-year old said, "I now know about my great-grandfather’s shameful past. Through this incident, I will study more about our history and reflect on myself. Even if it’s something small, I will search for things I can do. Once again, I apologize to anyone I made feel uncomfortable." With one apology after another, you'd think he would deserve to just move on. 

But no. Even though it's temporary, his most recent work obligations have just been cancelled. Let's hope everyone involved can find it in themselves to just put the past behind them and look to the possibilities of the future.

What do you think about this controversy. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


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