After a whirlwind month of becoming a wife and going on a dream honeymoon with her new husband Rain, the usually private Kim Tae Hee opened up to a Korean media outlet about why her wedding was so exclusive, what her life has been like since the wedding, and even shared the circumstances of when and how the marriage proposal actually took place.

Upon returning from a romantic honeymoon in Bali, one-half of one of Korea's most talked about couples sat down for an interview to answer some questions that have been on the minds of their fans all over the world. When Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married at the beginning of this year, many were surprised at how small the wedding was, especially for such a superstar couple. The details and logistics were kept secret until the very day of the wedding, even to the ver few guests that were invited, along with the bride and groom's families. Apparently, the reason for his wasn't only because the couple wanted their special moments to be  kept private. "We discussed many ideas on how to announce our wedding since last year. There were two plans," said Kim Tae Hee to Sports Seoul. "We could announce it to the media and invite everyone that we knew to a large-scale wedding, or we could hold a top secret wedding and reveal the photos afterwards. When we thought about it, the economy was suffering, so we didn’t want to hold a luxurious wedding given the current state of affairs. We finally made a decision after much contemplation." So there you have it. The wedding was scaled down partly in consideration of the current economical climate.

Also, the 36-year-old actress also revealed that the newlywed couple was currently living with Rain's father, but only temporarily, until they are able to find a new and ideal home to move into. Despite some questioning the decision to live with in-laws, the new bride has no problem with the situation. "My father-in-law is a very generous man. We are planning to stay at their home until we can find our own newlywed home. I like it.” Definitely sounds like there's a lot of happiness in her life.

And as for how her husband proposed to her, what Kim Tae Hee described is sure to make any Rain fan faint with envy. "I was proposed to on the day of my wedding. At the banquet reception, he sang "The Best Present" for me. That was his proposal.”