Lee Hi Album Lee Hi has made her fans rejoice by releasing tracks off of her debut album, First Love.  The sixteen-year-old caught the attention of many when her first single "1234" debuted at number one and remained their for three weeks.  Many have been patiently waiting to see if she'd be a one-hit wonder, OR if she'd travel through the ether into Ailee's territory.  The first single, It's Over (so much for that first love, huh?), intro track, Turn It Up, and three other tracks were released to get excitement levels on high and dissuade any doubts.  The accompanying video for It's Over mocks Lee Hi's girlishness, plastering the visuals with stuffed animals, toys, candy, etc.  The remainder of the album will be released on March 21st.  Stay tuned! What do you think of Lee Hi's newest video?