Get your box of tissues ready for episodes 5 and 6 of Mask. There is going to be snot flying and tears running everywhere! Now that the masks are starting to come off, you can be sure that things are going to heat up. These characters are ready to come to blows, and finally, FINALLY, skinship will happen. *squeals*

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Ajummah: Oh my goodness! Remind me to not eat and watch Mask anymore. These episodes had my emotions rocking back and forth between extreme anger and total despair. My food was long forgotten and my eyes are STILL bloodshot. I wanted to strangle so many people these episodes, even Ji Sook/Eun Ha. It’s like she would take a step forward in the “owning” the Eun Ha role and then take a giant leap back into Ji Sook territory. It was infuriating! Min Suk is showing just how much of an asshole he is. Talk about kicking a person when they are down! Every time I blinked, he was trying to kill Eun Ha, physically and mentally. Mi Yeon is getting more and more bold with her craziness and poor Min Woo is trying to hang on to his sanity while fighting to get into his father’s company.

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Firnlambe: (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ These characters are determined to drive me up a wall each week. I don’t know what’s worse . . . Ji Sook and her eternal timidness, or Min Woo and his eternal bastardness--is that even a word? well it is now--I’m just glad we did get that mini session of skinship at the end. Granted it was a life saving maneuver, but still. Min Suk didn’t have to do that (particularly knowing he hates any form of physical contact).

Ajummah: My thoughts exactly! Does the whole, “body contact to bring up your temperature” thing even really work? I guess it doesn’t matter in the end because we get to see Joo Ji Hoo shirtless (yum). Actually we get to see that a lot in this drama, so far. I’m waiting to see Min Suk do the k-drama obligatory shower scene.

And you hit the nail on the head Firnlambe. Ji Sook eternal timidness is going to be the end for her if she can’t get her stuff together. When her brother ran into the room and called her nuna, she reminded me of a turtle, the way her head tried to retract into her neck. Sheesh! Man up! or well, woman up. You know what’s at stake here. By now, all of drama land knows what’s at stake, and yet you still act like you aren’t sure what you want to do with this situation. I would love for her to stand up for herself, become Eun Ha and tell Min Suk off!

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Akua: Actually Ajummah, the “body contact to bring up your temperature” is an option in situations where there is no other choice such as a thermal blanket, warm bath etc. It’s only episode 6 ladies! If Ji Sook stands up right now, then what? We still have 10 more episodes to go right? So we may just have to bear with it for a little while longer. And I know you weren’t trying to be funny about Min Suk trying to kill Ji Sook every five minutes but I had to laugh out loud at that one. Why? IT IS SO TRUE! I have never watched a drama where more people threaten other people with their death ever! WHAT is going on here? *still laughing out loud* This is just too much! But hold ladies -- was I the only who caught that mini-look of dismay and displeasure that crossed Min Suk’s face after a few minutes of staring at the two of them? Did you see it? At first he looked as pleased as the cat who caught the mouse but then, something went off in his head! Mmmmhmmm. What do you think THAT was?

Firnlambe: I saw that too and it, once again, screamed SLS--in a twisted evil way. Which I still have mixed feelings about. Also before I forget, Ajummah, we did have the Kdrama obligatory shower scene….back in episode 1, remember?

Akua: We did have that obligatory shower scene. I think maybe she was referring to one featuring Min Suk?

Ajummah: Yes I mean Min Suk. I would love to see that because reasons. Also I think Min Suk may be a bit jealous after seeing Eun Ha and Min Woo all cozy in the back seat like that. (Begins singing JYJ’s Back Seat) Maybe he’s thinking of the real Eun Ha and is starting to miss her? Or perhaps he’s falling for Ji Sook/Eun Ha. I did feel a bit sorry for Mi Yeon because Min Suk has run out on her, how many times now? She straight up told him, if you love me, you won’t leave….and he left. Why even stay with someone like that? *shakes fist at kdrama gods* Oh! But was I the only one that said oh snap when Eun Ha was meeting her brother and he suspected that she really was Ji Sook?

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Firnlambe: This brother--what’s his name again, I forget--is ridiculously smart. I’m convinced he /knows/ that Eun Ha is really Ji Sook in disguise. //sigh// Granted Ji Sook isn’t doing too much to sway his opinions but still. Super smart kid. It doesn’t help that I’m really loving how he’s playing the gangsters.

Akua: Ji Hyuk is crazy smart! His suspicions and intuition are on point - eerily so. It’s almost as if he was reprimanding Ji Sook when he said, “If it were my sister, I would take the money but since you’re a stranger, I won’t.” How is he getting all that money though? He’s just beating them up?

Firnlambe: He’s calling the cops before he goes after them and when they start to beat him up, or sending the dogs after him. That way the cops only see those people attacking a seemingly innocent young teen who’s being assaulted . . . at least that’s my theory.

Akua: Aaaah, yes, I remember that from the first time he went after the gangsters. Yes, he is ridiculously smart! Hmm, we need to watch out for him. I don’t think he’ll let this “you look like my sister” situation go lightly. It’ll nag at him. Now, over to Mi Yeon. The moment after Min Suk walks out to find our beleaguered couple, we see just how much she loves him as she drops her head down in pain and sadness. That is the first moment that I have felt any sympathy for her. She’s in love with a cheater and a liar but can’t let him go. SMH. Giiiirlaaaaaaa!


Ajummah: LOL! At least we know why she’s doing what she’s doing to her brother with whom she claims she has nothing against. Though it seems like Min Woo’s step-mother has some reasons of her own as to why she doesn’t want him to become head of the company. This poor man cannot get a break! I hope that he is truly developing some feelings for Ji Sook/Eun Ha. I think his cold-hearted mask is finally slipping. I giggled when he and his secretary were in the car and he was saying how much he disliked Eun Ha but was obsessing over everything she was doing. “Why was she sad?” “Why do people get married?” On a related but unrelated note, his secretary is adorable. I applauded when he jumped in front of Min Woo to get hit with the egg.

Firnlambe: Step-mom needs to take a long nap and disappear for a while. I really don’t like her. And even after seeing her all sad and lonely, I still feel no sympathy for Mi Yeon. I’m heartless, I know. BUT I agree that the whole scene in the car where Min Woo is fretting over Ji Sook/Eun HA was adorable. To me it’s clear that he has developed true feelings for her--it’s also clear to me that /she/ has developed true feelings for him as well. Particularly if those flashbacks they were experiencing after the marketplace brawl had anything to say about it.

Ajummah: Yes!!! And when he put her in his bed *squeals* It has begun! Masks are slipping and feels are flying everywhere! I really hope that the next few episodes won’t muck things up. We are entering the dreaded middle of the drama, and I know that sometimes dramas start to drag. I really don’t want that to happen with Mask. Maybe we will get more backstory of Min Woo’s father and mother. The stepmother (can’t remember her name) said that Min Woo’s mother has been dead for 20 years but Mi Yeon looks older than 20. So does that mean that Min Woo’s mother was the mistress? And that’s why he came to live with his father after she died? Or did they get divorced? Remember in episode 1 it shows the flashback of them running away from someone? What was THAT about? All these questions still remain for me.

Akua: Song Seol Hee is a WITCH! I thought Mi Yeon was bad? HA! Her stepmother is evil. She got so crunk because it was the anniversary of Min Woo’s mother’s death. Any other woman would know that he just needs some space but she just barges in, gets told off and then gets snippy with the Butler And let’s just put a quarter in this meter. The Butler and Housekeeper are just the cutest couple ever. When she was forcing him to eat the eels, you could just feel the love! *Breaks out in dramatic Broadway style “Caaaaaan you feel the loooooove toniiiiiiiiiight?” And speaking of love, I agree with both you astute ladies of Mask (mwahahahaha) that romantic feelings are growing for Ji Sook and Min Woo. No matter what he does, he can’t get over Ji Sook’s “transformation” and is trying to protect himself from falling for her by saying that she’s pretending to be good. Min Woo is looking to love and be loved.

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Firnlambe: Oh my gosh, the Butler and Housekeeper are hysterical (anyone else watch G.A.G Concert? Our Housekeeper is a regular on that show) but in regards to Min Woo’s mother--She was a mistress as far as I can tell, hence Evil Step-mother’s hatred, it’s apparent that Dad truly loved her. Somewhat off topic, who else appreciated the continuous use of that particular classical music (whose title escapes me at the moment) that ties things between Ji Sook, Min Woo and Dad/Birth-Mom? ‘Cuz I found it sweet. Did you see how it caught Ji Sook off guard when he started playing the piece on the violin in front of his mother? And that it was the music Dad was listening to when Evil Step-mother walked in on him in the study?

Ajummah: It’s Johann Strauss’ Blue Danbue Waltz. I know a lot of people have heard this song before. I do enjoy when kdramas tie music in like this. It makes it more memorable for me. My hopes for next week’s episodes include more progression of Eun Ha/Min Woo’s relationship, Eun Ha finally sticking up for herself with Min Suk and Mi Yeon and for Ji Hyuk to get himself together and find a way to talk to Eun Ha again. How about everyone else?

Akua: I want to know more about Song Seol Hee and Choi Doo Hyun’s relationship and who WAS Min Woo’s mom? I would also like to knovw more about Min Suk and his past. Why is he so bent on power acquisition? Was he telling the truth when he said that he was never welcomed into the family because he was poor or was that just another lie aimed at making Mi Yeon feel bad for thinking he’s a cheater and a liar? And will Min Suk EVER stop telling Ji Sook that he’s going to kill her? I mean, GEESH! The abuse she’s taking is disturbing! Grabbing me by my neck and pushing my face down? Ugh! SMH. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

What are your thoughts? Are we the only ones that felt the characters masks were slipping? What do you think will happen next?Be sure to comment below or hit up the official Mask Forum where you can meet your fellow fans, discuss how much you loved or hated this week's episodes and toss around any possible theories you may have for what will go down next week. See you soon!

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