Today superheroes are more popular than ever. People flock to movie theaters to see Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, and many more in live action form. But around the same time of the advent of these ultra popular characters was a lesser known superhero named the Green Turtle.

The superhero was created in 1944 by artist Chu F. Hing, and the character initially wore a green skullcap with his job being to protect Asia from the Imperial Japanese Army. The story behind Green Turtle is just as interesting as the character himself as Hing was told that the superhero could not be Asian because society wouldn't accept it at the time.

So in the first issues featuring the Green Turtle, the clever artist covered up the superhero's face in protest. The silver lining in this saga is that Sonny Liew and Gene Yang recently released a book that tells the real story behind the Green Turtle called The Shadow Hero.

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