Zhu Qing is a mother-to-be in Hunan, China who recently decided to cut off 13 years' worth of her hair for her baby. The soon-to-be-mother started growing her hair when she was 14 after being inspired by classic Chinese novels where the female protagonists grew their hair long until they were no longer single.

The result was Zhu Qing growing an astonishing 1.3 meters (roughly 4.26 feet) worth of hair. The young woman ultimately decided to chop off her long, illustrious braids because she thought it would be beneficial for the baby's health, even though one child health expert mentioned that a mother's hair length really has no bearing on its well being. 

We can definitely agree though that having over four feet of hair could get in her future baby's way. As you can see from the photo, the dedicated mom was sad to see her beautiful mane go. 

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