Looking back on high school photos of yourself and your friends can be quite entertaining, reminders of how different we all were, inside and out. Recently, yearbook photos of Han Chae Ah have surfaced online, and they quickly went viral, for one reason — she looks like a completely different person. You too won't believe your eyes when you see what the 32-year-old actress used to look like!

It's one thing to look different from the way you did over 15 years ago, but it's another thing when you look as different as Han Chae Ah did! Netizens in Korea have been reacting to the actress's recently-surfaced yearbook photos in the same way that you probably are, with utter disbelief. Comments ranged from, "Wow, plastic surgery went really well for Han Chae Ah", to "I thought she said she couldn't even step outside of the classroom because she was so pretty.. wtf." Many more expressed disappointment, some even felt that the actress had crossed the line. "Wow, I feel betrayed," wrote one fan who clearly took it a little personal. 

It's really not that all surprising that a beautiful actress looks different from when she was in high school, especially in a country like South Korea, the plastic surgery capital of the world. Sure, it's pretty mind-blowing how much she's changed, but no reason to be disappointed or upset at her for making whatever decisions she has. Like it or not, cosmetic surgery is a choice people make, and it's nobody's business to be judging others. But yes . . . she looks completely different. 

  Yearbook photos!