This week we saw an office romantic comedy starring the queen of rom-coms and a beautiful Chinese romance about finding love in unexpected places. Next week we'll see a highly anticipated historical chock-full of flower boys, a cute family drama reuniting one of our favorite "married" couples, and a romantic comedy/melodrama about living and loving as if every day is your last. Take a look!


1. Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghostess) and Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, That’s Love) star in a romantic comedy that broadcasts straight to the heart. Lee Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Suk) is a handsome anchor with notable journalistic talent, a well-to-do family and commendable education. He is also as fierce a competitor as one will find in the world of reporting, and goes after stories relentlessly. But as luck would have it, he also comes across another fierce competitor -- meteorologist Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin). Pyo Na Ri doesn’t have the shining resume of her anchor counterpart, went to a third-rate college and only has a temporary contract with the station. Although her dorky exterior hides an inner fire, Na Ri has worked extremely hard to get where she is, even doing odd jobs like lifting boxes. Both anchor and meteorologist now see each other as rivals in their race to becoming the station’s most valued employee. But what happens when the two rivals start to fall in love? The drama may be too much, even for a broadcasting station. Adding to the tension are Ko Jung Won (Answer Me 1988 star Go Kyung Pyo), a chaebol luxury brand store owner who is the exact opposite of Lee Hwa Shin in terms of politeness and Kye Sung Sook (A Thousand Days’ Promise actress Lee Mi Sook), an anchor who started off as a reporter and has charisma no man can beat. Alternatively known as “Don't Dare to Dream,” Jealousy Incarnate is the latest project by director Park Shin Woo, the versatile head behind Angel Eyes and Queen of Ambition. The drama is written by Seo Sook Hyang, whose ever-expanding portfolio of romantic hits includes beloved series like Pasta, Romance Town and Miss Korea.

2. Love O2O

Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

Following the hit film that was adapted from the popular Chinese novel by Gu Man of the same name, Love O2O is a 30-episode series about two popular college students who unexpectedly find love through an online game. Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, the drama showcases the emotional lives of modern college students China. 


Love O2O - 微微一笑很倾城

Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

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1. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (August 29) 

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

Lee Joon Ki (Arang and the Magistrate) and Lee “IU” Ji Eun (Dream High) star in a dangerous romance across time in what sure to be one of the biggest historical epics of the year. Hae Soo (IU) is a 21st century woman who gets caught in a solar eclipse and is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty, which ruled Korea from the 10th century for nearly 500 years. Suddenly, Hae Soo finds herself in the royal palace, where she comes across Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Ki). A man as feared as he is handsome, Wang So is based on the real-life fourth king of the Goryeo Dynasty and makes others tremble but wins over Hae Soo’s heart. However, he is not the only one in the palace with eyes on the throne, and a political battle of deception, secrecy and lies ensues between Wang So and all the other princes. Adding to the drama are Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Heirs star Kang Ha Neul), who is less than willing to wait in line behind seven other members of the royal family, and Third Prince Wang Yo (Beloved alum Hong Jong Hyun), whose right to the crown actually precedes Wang So’s.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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2. Our Gab Soon (August 31) 

Starring Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim

Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers) and Song Jae Rim (Flower Boy Ramen Shop) star in a relationship comedy that both honors and parodies couples across the marital spectrum. Heo Gab Dol (Song Jae Rim) has graduated from college but has no job. He has been trying, unsuccessfully, to pass the civil service exam for three years. Shin Gab Soon (Kim So Eun) is his long-time girlfriend and has been supporting Heo Gab Dol for years through part-time jobs. She hopes that him getting the civil service job will mean he finally proposes to her. Despite of their desire to eventually tie the knot, what is confusing the lovebirds’ feelings is seeing all kinds of other couples around them: a group that remained in touch after divorce, one that gets remarried, one that lives together, and one that is married only in the eyes of the law. Throw in several people who have varied opinions of the institution, including family members Shin Se Gye (My Fair Lady alum Lee Wan) and Heo Da Hae (Sly and Single Again star Kim Gyu Ri), and our young couple really doesn’t know what they want. With all these relationships and their varied opinions regarding this age-old institution, will Heo Gab Dol and Shin Gab Soon be as eager to walk down the aisle, or will this journey end long before it’s time for the baby carriage?

3. Fantastic (September 2)

Starring Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook

Kim Hyun Joo (Boys Over Flowers, Cruel Palace) and Joo Sang Wook (Good Doctor, Birth of a Beauty) star in a romantic melodrama about the bittersweet reality of limitless love in the face of limited life. So Hye (Kim Hyun Joo) is a popular TV drama series writer with a natural talent for writing. Hae Sung (Joo Sang Wook) is a popular actor, although despite his reputation as the “Great Star of the Universe, Foot-Caprio,” he’s not very good at acting. When forced to work together, the two begin to butt heads, and after some time, they also start to care for each other. However, fate has something bitter in line for them, as So Hye learns she only has 6 months to live. Now, every plan they had for the future must be readjusted. But when time is so quickly running out, will there be any left for love? Adding to the drama are Baek Seol (Greatest Marriage alum Park Si Yeon), a hot-headed girl who now has to mellow down to embrace her role as a politician’s trophy wife, Hong Joon Ki (One More Happy Ending star Kim Tae Hoon), a cancer survivor who is treating So Hye and teaches her to live positively in the face of death, and Kim Sang Wook (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actor Ji Soo), an innocent young lawyer who will not let a simple age difference dull his affection for So Hye. 


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