Sometimes we perceive things the way we want them to be seen. Other times, we are witness to what we can neither conceive of nor fathom. Perhaps it’s all just as well. Be it past or present events, the concept or status of equality, or one’s inner/outward struggle; there’s much to consider. If last week was the conclusion of our journey down the rabbit hole of time; then join Wendilynn, Kate, and I, Tippy as we step through the looking glass in this episode 10 of Orange Marmalade.

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Tippy: I’m totally digging how this “season” is starting out. Jae Min doing his recap of being in the water gave me some serious Kingdom Hearts déjà vu (never played, just addicted to fan videos) though. *Blasts “Simple and Clean”*


Wendilynn: I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of Kingdom Hearts right then. I really love this angle they are using to tie the Joseon period to the present. By making it part of Jae Min’s past life memories, they have set up a way to get him past his prejudice against vampires. We learn that the shock from learning about Ma Ri being a vampire caused him to forget everything about his love for her for the last 4 months. And everyone around him is trying to either cash in on it or support it.


Kate: I had thought that past lives were a possibility since we landed in the Joseon Era but what intrigued me more about that angle is how it would play out when we jumped back into the present. I’m not sure about it yet, but I’m waiting to see how they further it as the show goes along. But wait--am I the only one who found it a little jarring to get our “old” characters back? I’d forgotten details about their present day incarnations, like Jae Min’s little fan club at school, or gotten used to the ways the past lives personalities were somewhat different.


Tippy: Nah, I did too! I forgot how cute Ma Ri’s dad is (his aegyo while shopping killed), and now knowing Yoon Jae’s past self, he almost looked a little sinister looking at Jae Min from up above. Also, past Ara might have redeemed herself, but present Ara still makes me bristle a little bit. That bow looked so out of place with her beady little stare.


Wendilynn: I’m glad they didn’t return Ma Ri to being her irritating self from the first episodes. Here she was being allowed to be honest about who she was. Brave about accepting that it would take time for the students to accept her and willing to take some harassment. Her bravely telling Jae Min who she was before entering school made me want to yell, “right on, girl”. He developed amnesia from the shock of her secret that this way, it's all out in the open. I’m glad to have silly dad back. He’s so loving and his heart break as he watched her suffer was so sad.


Kate: Ma Ri has a new mission, though. She’s found the strength to be herself to the world. It’s a big step for her, though I do wonder how much of this comes from her feelings for Jae Min and how much comes from the experience of the ultimate punishment. While she got out early on “parole” because she used powers to help someone, I felt they brushed past it a bit too quickly that she had been imprisoned for the last four months before getting that chance to come out to the world as part of the new vampire experiment.


Tippy: I agree, it was a little too smooth to believe right away. Like, did she mull that over the whole time? Also, if it were me and I was deprived food for four months, I’d be much less compliant. Then again, the VCS turned out to not be the baddies I’d pegged them as. Looks like they’ve got everyone’s interest at heart and have only been gearing up for a master plan of equality (“Coexistence Project”) before the peace treaty becomes void in 2017.


Wendilynn: I disagree on her acceptance of her punishment. She knew what happened to Shi Hoo’s parents, so when she used her powers to save Jae Min, she had already accepted what would happen to her. She considered that worth saving his life. So, I didn’t have a problem with her state of mind when we meet up with her in the detention center. I was also VERY surprised at how the VCS was behind the scenes. I’m SOOOO happy they saved Shi Hoo. Although,him being pumped full of human blood might give us some unintended consequences. I think that the VCS gambling on the love between Jae Min and Ma Ri to help the transition phase is very interesting. Its an unexpected gamble they are taking.


Kate: Hopefully there won’t be any lunar eclipses any time soon- we’ll have to keep our eyes open if Shi Hoo wants to open a beauty parlor or something. (Tippy and Wendi die laughing) Seriously, though, Shi Hoo looked more radiant than he had in the past. I wondered if that was a choice that they made because of the human blood or if the production team had just switched makeup brands on him or something similar.


Tippy: Mmmmhmmmm! Boy had him a good etherial glow going on. Almost sparkly vampire worthy...oh wait. Hahaa! Anyway, he seems slightly less angsty now but obviously still prickly when it comes to Jae Min. The scene in the music room made me laugh. The look on his face was all this punk has the audacity to forget who I am!


Wendilynn: Well, in Jae Min’s defense, Shi Hoo didn’t know about the amnesia. Finally a story using amnesia appropriately, btw. Shi Hoo was definitely glowing. All rosy with fresh blood maybe. (although after seeing him on WGM, I have a different opinion as why he’s glowing. lol)


Kate: Shi Hoo does seem more centered, even though he isn’t public with his vampire status yet. While he is definitely still showing competitiveness with Jae Min over Ma Ri, even that seems less brutal (or mean spirited?) than it had been. He’s definitely not ready to concede, though. That hug with Ma Ri was sneaky. It could appear consoling to Ma Ri, who couldn’t see Jae Min, but was an obvious attempt to claim Ma Ri in front of Jae Min.


Tippy: Gets a hug and simultaneously marks his territory, sorta. The reaction from Jae Min was kind of satisfying to be honest. I was still smarting from what he said in the music room (the first time). I know he ended up trying to make it up to her by replacing the purse he ruined, but I hold grudges.


Wendilynn: I was surprised by the purse purchase. I was not expecting him to remember any of his feelings of Ma Ri, but clearly something is leaking through. I like that Jae Min is on speaking terms with his Mom now. They even seem to be living together. That’s a good change. What I really like though are the visions of Ma Ri and the tree that he keeps having. I really love how they are doing that. And I also really love how his best friend is just following Jae Min’s lead about what he will talk about and won’t. To me he’s really being the best friend he can. However, now that Jae Min knows about Orange Marmalade and there seems to be an interested producer; connect that with seeing visions of Ma Ri from the past. This is really shaping up to be quite a story.


Kate: Jae Min feels the connection to the tree, too. I wonder if what he buried in that box will be key to the romantic or political plots in some way. It definitely wouldn’t hurt the vampire rights movement for the public to rediscover how important the vampires were in securing the safety of the people in the past. Or perhaps an item might remind Jae Min or even Ma Ri of past life events. I’m not sure what could be in the box, though. A hair ribbon? A written story about the fight against the bloodsuckers? Ma Ri’s flute?


Finally back in the present! Were you pleased when Shi Hoo showed up again? What do you think it’s going to take for Jae Min to remember everything? Is the Coexistence Project going to continue as smoothly as it seems? Feel free to leave thoughts/theories in the comment section below~ 

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