A touching plea in the form of an open letter appeared on a Chinese newspaper recently to reveal a real life K-drama story. It was written by a young woman to the sister that her parents gave away 20 years ago. The poor parents gave away their baby daughter because they wanted a son and they were afraid of punishment under China's one-child policy. Now, they are urgently looking for the daughter they gave away to return to help the son who was born later.

The 18-year old son was diagnosed in April to have contracted T-lymphocyte leukemia and needs a bone marrow donation. Unfortunately no one in the family is a match. So now they pine their hope on the other daughter. As they don't have any contact information, they are resorting to an open letter to try to find her, and to plead for forgiveness and seek a possible bone marrow donation. She is their last hope.

In the daughter's letter to her sister, she explained that the parents gave away the baby to an affluent family for a better life. The parents regretted their decision as soon as the baby was taken by the middleman, and have buried their sorrow and regrets deep in their hearts for the last 20 years as they worked hard in labor jobs to provide for the family.

Excerpt from the letter:

Dear Sister, the whole family is so indebted to you that even a thousand times of hatred and blame from you cannot possibly erase your pain. On behalf of our family, I express our regrets and remorse to you. We do not wish to disrupt your happy life, but would you like to see your own brother die? Could you bear to see a young person die before his white-haired parents?

Dear Sister, if you see this letter, please contact me. I also ask kindhearted people to please forward this letter so that my family might be saved from hellish ruin!

She said the sister was born on October 25, 1993 and was given away in January 1994.

She listed her name as Yang Ling, phone: 15098090867 QQ:2750217780

(QQ is a widely used instant messaging platform in China.)

It should be noted that despite China's one-child policy, rural families could have a son if the first child is a girl. Also, there have been cases of affluent families with the means or connections to get away with the restrictions and have multiple children.

Assuming the girl could be found, there's no telling how she would decide.

What would you do?