Be it a testament to the merchandising power of Korean dramas, or the sheer star power of Park Shin Hye, it will come as no surprise to fans, and those who are fashion-minded, that an item featured in a K-drama—a very popular K-drama at that—would lead to astounding demand. However, it might have come as a shock to the bag makers when their new product sold out within a month of its launch. 

The popular new drama Doctor Crush has been behind much more than just top ratings recently! Bruno Magli has a lot to be thankful for as their new Spring-Summer line shopper bag "Rosa" has also become a huge hit thanks to the drama! In the drama, actress Park Shin Hye carries a beautiful white and blue Bruno Magli bag around. 

Of course, anything Park Shin Hye carries gets an automatic "chic" bump, and there was no exception for this bag! So when the bag was finally released for sale, fans and fashionistas alike had to have the bag—leading to skyrocketing sales. By the end of the first month from release, the bag sold out across almost all retail outlets leading to an outcry for more supply. The company, which had originally prepared 1,000 bags for its launch, has been met with a wave of requests from Park Shin Hye fans for an emergency re-order for the "Rosa" bag from Bruno Magli.

Thankfully, Bruno Magli has responded to the outcry and will release the bag again starting July 14! The bag will be made with both canvas and leather and come in three different colors (white-blue, olive-khaki, and navy). The bags were originally priced at 218,000 won ($190 US), but due to the bag's high demand we will have to see if that price changes.

What do you think about the bag? Are you in line to buy one also?