One of our favorite Taiwanese male leads, Roy Chiu, from dramas such as Miss Rose, Office Girls, Easy Fortune Happy Life, and Invincible Shan Bao Mei, has recently been practicing the violin until his fingers bleed for his new movie, 'Good Luck ! Boy'.

Ever the perfectionist, Roy Chiu has practiced the violin for three months and says, "If it's something I can play, I will not use a substitute."

He can already play the jazz drums and guitar, so he was very interested in this movie about a musician who discovers a terrible secret when he is commissioned to compose for a concert. His diligent practices have resulted in bleeding fingers and calluses.

His effort should be rewarding in his very first movie role. Advanced ticket sale to the movie has already exceeded 40,000. The movie premiers on October 25.

Unless you can fly to Taiwan to watch the movie, catch one of his dramas on DramaFever to experience how the handsome and sensitive Roy Chiu tugs your heartstrings.