A new rumor supplants the idea that Korean R&B newcomer Dean will join the entertainment powerhouse.

Rumors have arisen within the industry that South Korean R&B artist Dean will leave Joombas for YG Entertainment.

Kwon Hyuk, AKA Dean, was born in Seoul but began his professional career as an LA-based songwriter, penning hits like EXO's "Black Pearl" and VIXX's "Voodoo Doll." Dean uniquely began his singing career with Universal Music, debuting "I'm Not Sorry" in the U.S. As told to The Korea Times, “I didn’t expect such a big reaction from Korea. When we were working on my [English] songs, we had only been thinking of the American market. I was so thankful to Korea.” Dean went on to debut in Korea in October with "Pour Up," featuring Block B's Zico. 

Dean's unique melodies have caused some to wonder about the potency of the Western influence on his music. Whether that benefits or hinders his music is up to the individual fan; however, one would assume it is appealing to YG who is currently trying to make inroads to the U.S. market.

His discography includes a wide variety of collaborators, including Dok2, Taeyeon, Crush and the aforementioned Zico.

This is not the first time YG has scooped an already-proven talent. In March 2016, Zion T left Amoeba Culture after three years to join the Black Label with producers Teddy and Kush at YG Entertainment. Zion T and Kush went on to produce for Show Me The Money 5 together as Team YG. While they did not win, their collaborations were a certain success.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the music Dean could make with YG?