Chinese women can certainly look young for their age, as we've seen in a trending internet photo recently. At 59, this Chinese actress is playing a 16-year-old girl in a historical drama, and she even has kissing scenes with a man 21 years younger than she is.

Liu Xiaoqing is a famous actress in China, having played many roles in various genres of drama including movies and TV shows. You can find her playing the Queen of Heaven in the fantasy dramas series Lotus Lantern (which also stars Park Si Yeon), available on DramaFever. She is a natural beauty, but at the age of 59, she is playing a 16 year old? It turns out that Liu also once played Emperor Wu, China's only female emperor in recorded history, from the age of 16 to 82, although that was in 1995.

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Some Chinese netizens are sneering at her for acting with 'a face full of Botox.' Liu, however, feels that a woman should never give up on feeling beautiful at any age. The director of her new drama, Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties, also praises her as one of the best actors in China and says that young age does not equate to excellence in acting.