jihoon_school2013_1 In a recent interview, KBS's hit drama School 2013 actor Lee Ji Hoon discusses his debut, and more. Lee Ji Hoon plays the part of Ji Hoon, who becomes the first to realize the harshness of reality and tries to enroll into a Career school. He goes through moments of despair when he finds out that he might be just a little too late for change. The young actor began the interview by saying "I was very thankful." He continued, "This is my first drama after my debut. After it was over, we had an ending party for the whole day and I cried the whole time. I started tearing up when I was with the lighting and directing team. They always gave me an extra reflecting plate. They really took care of me." jihoon_school2013 Although in the drama Lee Ji Hoon is portrayed as a reserved delinquent student, in the interview he reveals a completely different personality, which shows the versatility of this rookie actor. "I laugh a lot. I was the class clown when I was in school. I am a mix of Byun Gi Duk and Ji Hoon. I wasn't the best student, but I always thought about the future. I listened to a lot of my friends' problems too. And I don't think my teachers hated me either." "I liked to take care of others and I was nosy and also had a lot of affection towards people. Strangely I always thought that 'even though I'm not smart, I can live just as happily as anyone else and I can do what I want to do.'" jihoon_school2013_2 Maybe it was because of his optimistic mindset, but it was only when Ji Hoon was in the military that he decided to pursue an acting career and finally made his debut on School 2013. Ji Hoon's audition was just as uncommon. "I hand-wrote about myself in order to audition. I didn't like being conventional so I wrote about the story of when my first love betrayed me. When we entered college, we naturally drifted apart, and my girlfriend at the time started seeing someone else. I wrote it very detailed like a script and the director just told me, 'You passed.' The casting basically started off as a joke." There was also a sense of urgency because of his late debut, but Ji Hoon admitted that he had the motivation to learn from School 2013 more than anything. "Because School 2013 was my first work, I thought of it as going on a picnic. Everyone was around my age, and they were my teachers. I wanted to see how they acted and wanted to learn. Actually I really wanted to see Jang Nara. I was a fan." Ji Hoon picked his favorite line in the drama. He said,"The line that Lee Ji Hoon said as he showed his willingness to go to Career School, 'I thought I could do it if I changed,' really touched my heart. It was then when my end of the drama had started. It was the line that revealed the true thoughts of delinquents. I was very happy that a part like him was given to a rookie like me." He continued, "In the beginning, Daniel Choi who plays the part of Kang Se Chan added, 'Lee Ji Hoon, what an appealing name,' even though it wasn't a part of the script. It was the first time my name was in the search engine. I went up to him and thanked him after." ohgaeun "After the last shooting was over, the actors gathered and talked until seven in the morning. We talked about the hardships we faced during shooting. We also talked about personal problems that we went through and had an intimate time of getting to understand one another.  The guys talked about who our ideal partner was. My ideal woman is Oh Ga Eun. She is always bright. I like how her eyes become like a half-a-moon and how the end of her lips are facing up. She is very nice and understanding. I would want to meet her more often." He introduced himself as "A rookie who doesn't have anywhere else to go but up" and asked that the viewers would see him fondly as long as he doesn't create trouble with a baby-like smile. The charm and opportunity that his rookie actor has shown is endless, making it that much easier to expect the best of Lee Ji Hoon. What were your thoughts of Lee Ji Hoon's character in School 2013? (Source: www.osen.co.kr)