What is a "min-sok-chon" (민속촌)? The word "min-sok-chon" (민속촌) means "folk village," and there are only few of them in Korea. The most popular Korean folk village is located in Yong-in City (용인시), which is south of Seoul.

A "min-sok-chon" offers people today a glimpse into traditional Korean life. There are old-style Korean buildings, arts and crafts displays, performances, and more. You could visit for an hour or spend the entire afternoon, and there are plenty of interesting things to do and see for everyone.

Because a Korean folk village is a re-creation of an old-style village, dramas (especially historical Korean dramas) will often use them as sets when filming. Even the day that I visited the folk village to film this video, there were two other separate groups of people with professional cameras and equipment.

If you watch a lot of K-drama, you might even recognize a few of these locations from your favorite shows.

So if you're looking for a fun place to visit in Korea, look no further than a "min-sok-chon."

You can check out my video introduction to a folk village below!

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