SS301 and GOT7 all recently advertised the opening of their official fan clubs to new members on the Korean ticket site Interpark!

You may be wondering what the big deal is - can't you join a fan club at any time? Well, the situation is a little tougher for K-pop fans. Groups open their fan clubs to new members about once a year - if that. The openings usually coincide with the group's comeback, which means less frequently releasing artists will have less frequent fan club openings.

Even if your favorite group does open their fan club, it's only for a short period of time - about a month - and sometimes even then the announcements are in Korean!

Luckily for you, DramaFever has found SS301's and GOT7's events on Interpark Global, the English counterpart to the Korean ticketing site Interpark. Each fan club costs about 22,000 won, or about 20 U.S. dollars, to join and memberships last for one year. Fan club packages vary from group to group, as well as wait times, but you should receive a membership card and exclusive photos and products featuring your favorite artist in the mail.

If you're lucky enough to reside in Korea, your fan club membership will also come with early ticket sale benefits and special entry to music show appearances.

Double S 301 (Ends May 31st)

GOT7 (Ends June 10th)

Are you a SS301 or GOT7 fan? Will you be joining?


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