One of the best things about K-dramas is the lead up to that kiss. There is so much that goes into a great K-drama kiss. A good back-story, great acting, good chemistry between the actors, and a good storyline. When all of these things align well, it leads to something magical. Here we have the most romantic kiss scenes from 2014. What made the top of your list? 

 1. Pinocchio - Hand to mouth kiss

Sigh. How awesome was this kiss? I'm really into this new K-drama, and part of that is because I love the chemistry between Choi In Ha and Choi Dal Po. I think this kiss tops my list because it starts out as a non-kiss, with her hand blocking the way, which would have been good enough for me. But then he tries again....and the results are so, so good. 

2. Emergency Couple - The Bus Stop Kiss

Even though I'm a Gook Chun Soo fan, I really loved this kiss. When Oh Chang Min finally goes to kiss Oh Jin Hee you, can see how happy it makes her. That smile on her face as he goes in for the kiss is just the best. And who doesn't want Oh Jin Hee to be happy? I also love that you can tell even though they have had some seriously rough times, underneath it all they just really, really love each other. 

3. My Love From Another Star- Final Kiss

Yay! Do Min Joon is finally able to find a way to travel through time and space to actually come back and be with his love Cheon Song Yi, and it results in a magical kiss in front of their adoring fans. We know that it is short lived and that he doesn't get to stay indefinitely, but we have hope that he will eventually find a way. Their love is just too strong for them not to. 

4.It's Okay, That's Love- Waterfall Kiss

I love when Ji Hye Soo yells "This is so refreshing" after playing in the water. It's such a cute build-up to a magical, romantic kiss. When Jang Jae Yeol surprises her with a kiss, it's heart-stopping. And she actually returns the kiss, which had me grinning from ear to ear. 

5. My Lovable Girl- First Kiss

Sometimes the most romantic kisses are the sweetest ones. In this one, Se Na comforts Hyun Wook after finding out his dog is ill. They are finally able to confirm their feelings towards one another as they share in this sweetest of kisses. 

6. High School Love On- bubble gum kiss scene

This one wins for most innovative kiss. Who knew you could kiss through bubblegum? It's such a fun and innocent kiss it had to be included in the list. And to be able to see Shin Woo Hyun and Yi Seul Bi glowing in their feelings for each other makes it extra special. Ah, doesn't it make you want to be in high school again?

7. Doctor Stranger- Reunion Kiss

Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun are finally reunited. This is the moment he’s been waiting for since their tragic separation in Hungry. And they embrace their reunion with some heated kissing. It doesn't hurt that it's Lee Jong Suk

8. Bride Of The Century - Mall Proposal Kiss

This scene is so romantic! Choi Kang Ju tells Na Doo Rim a romantic story about the red string connecting the two of them together. How even though they are far apart they will always be connected, tied to each other. He tells her how much he loves her, proposes, and then swoops in for an ultra romantic kiss. This scene has pretty much everything a romantic a heart could want!

Watch all of the romance on Pinocchio:

9. We started off with a kiss from Pinocchio, and we're going to end of with the famous Pinocchio toast kiss

It's too bad that this whole scene is imagined in Choi In Ha's dad's head. That doesn't stop it from being one of the best kisses in a K-drama this year (if not ever). The chemistry these two have, it kills me. I could (and have) watched this scene over and over. Who knew a kiss with toast could be so wonderful?

Are there any kisses you wished had made the list? Anything you'd take away? Don't forget, these are the best kisses from 2014 — maybe next time we'll do the best kisses of all time (although I suspect some of these would make it to that list as well). If you enjoyed these kissing scenes, don't forget to check out the DramaFever Awards nominees for best kiss of the year HERE!