First up, congratulations to Daniel Henney and company for their 2010 People's Choice Awards nomination! Henney and his X-Men Origins: Wolverine castmates were nominated as Best Onscreen Team.

John Woo's 1986 hit A Better Tomorrow is being remade, with Song Seung Heon taking on the Chow Yun Fat role. This one is titled Invincible and moves the action from the Hong Kong underbelly to the South Korean criminal underground. John Woo fans, what do you think?

Korean stars are becoming increasingly candid about their off-screen love lives. First, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo came out of the closet, and now Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young! Check out the trend story here.

Ko Hyun Jung (pictured) just finished filming her last scene of the epic Queen Seon Duk! The staff applauded the drama queen and sent her off in style.

How much is Lee Byung Hun worth? Apparently, a lot! The star is reportedly receiving 100,000,000₩ (over $86,000) per episode of the hit Iris, way more than industry standard. Think he's worth the won?

Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang have played close friends before, but the Momo Love stars are even closer offscreen, even sharing the same blanket!

Magazine time! Have a look at these fresh scans of the new Junon mag, featuring Okada Masaki and Inoue Mao, and Nuyou featuring Yoon Eun Hye in a stylish photo shoot.

Good news for Lee Seung Gi and his fans--the star is reportedly overcoming the dread H1N1 virus.

As previously reported, Kim Bum is touring Osaka to meet with his Japanese fans. He also took some time out to visit the arcades--see the pics from his trip right here.

Last but not least, a really strange poll. Which Japanese (male) celebrities would look better as women? Did your choice make the cut?