Have you ever wondered what your favorite K-drama stars looked like in middle school and high school? We have! We've all looked back at our own high school photographs with a mix of horror and dread. Sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they make us cry, and very occasionally they make us wistful for the beauty we once had. These 10 K-drama stars have a mix of the good, the not-so-good, and the downright hilarious:

1. IU

These yearbook photos just prove that IU is not someone who looks good because of all the glamour of being a pop star. Here is direct proof that she was a beauty from a very young age. In the first photo, we get a tiny glimpse of that awkward phase that most people go through in middle school with her slightly chubbier cheeks and sweet but goofy grin. Even still, her beauty is astonishing. 

2. Suzy

More proof that these stars aren't hiding behind makeup and photoshopping. Suzy looks sweet and adorable in her high school yearbook photos. Although her print ads in media are often more grown up and mature, her high school photo shows the sweeter, more innocent side of the star. 

3. Jang Geun Suk

This middle school photo of Jang Geun Suk is everything. You can see all the makings of a grown up, attractive face in this photo, and yet he is still adorably goofy. That haircut and style is the best thing ever. Even at a young age, he was breaking the mold and choosing to be a trendsetter. Add to that the adorable smirk on his face — I picture him refusing to smile at a cameraman egging him on to give a big cheesy grin. 

4. Yoona

Well, Yoona just looks like Yoona. Clearly she is very photogenic with her wide eyes and adorable grin. Yearbook photos are supposed to be something we look back on with a mix of humor and dread. No wonder so many people were in awe when Yoona's photos were revealed to the public. They are perfection. 

5. Kim Woo Bin

Now this is what a yearbook photo is supposed to look like. The terrible haircut, the badly plucked eyebrows, the glasses — it all adds up to the perfectly terrible snapshot of what high school life is all about. Clearly Kim Woo Bin is still very handsome, but it's certainly masked by some of the fashion choices he made. It's so much fun to imagine someone picking him out to be a model (and an incredibly successful one at that). 

6. Lee Jong Hyun

Alright, the haircut leaves a lot to be desired in this photo, but still it's evident that his beauty was always there. In an interview he even stated, “I’ve always been confident about [how I look in] photos, ever since I was young. Actually, I was better looking when I was younger.” I'm not sure I'd agree with the last part of the statement, but this photo is proof of his destiny to be an Korean idol. 

7. Kim Soo Hyun

What I love most about Kim Soo Hyun's photos is that he has the exact same expression in every single one of them. Where's your smile Kim Soo Hyun? Why so glum? It amazes me just how crazily the same his face also looks in all these photos even though it has matured and the hairstyles have changed. It would be so easy to blindly identify these as being Kim Soo Hyun

8. Han Ga In

Ugh, the beauty — it just seems unfair. Han Ga In manages to have one somewhat awkward photo from her middle school years where the frizzy bangs and round glasses distract slightly from the beauty there. But all it takes is a second glance to see those amazing round eyes and full lips and you realize that some people really are just born with it. 

9. Ha Ji Won

After watching Ha Ji Won in the The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, I can see how much her looks can change depending on the role she plays and how she is styled for the series. Were I to only have seen her in that show, I would not have guessed that this is her yearbook photo. She has a very distinct nose, which you can identify in the photo, but that is about it. 

10. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi still looks exactly like Lee Seung Gi. The same facial expression with a very slightly younger looking face. Either way I don't think anyone who knows who Lee Seung Gi is would have any questions about whose yearbook photo this is. 

Whose yearbook photo surprised you the most? Who do you think has the best yearbook photo? I'm casting my vote for Kim Soo Hyun because of the fact that every photograph is the same. I find it hilarious and captivating at the same time. 

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