Adorable corgi dogs have been making news lately for their incredible ability to balance just about anything on their heads. This time, the corgi making a name for itself comes from China and is possibly the most talented corgi at balancing yet. You won't believe some of the things it can handle atop its head, and the faces it makes while doing it are simply hilarious!

From a soccer ball, coffee cups, cans of soda, and a giant piece of fruit, to coins and two corn cobs, there is almost nothing this corgi can't balance. In the photos, the corgi looks very at ease, like it's not even breaking a sweat. The photos of the super cute balancing act are making a big splash on the Internet. Check out the pictures of this hilarious, cute and talented dog!

Giant pieces of fruit are not a problem for this super corgi.

It's clearly very good at sports and should think about joining a professional soccer team.

Don't tell this corgi that it is wearing a box as sunglasses.

A definite coffee addict. Get help, man!

Five boxes? No problem.

Totally not an Angry Bird.

Looks like it's about to either sneeze or go do laundry.

This picture proves that the corgi is also probably a very good farmer.