This episode introduces us to Grown Up Yeon Woo, and gives us a little insight into how she’s been living since being reborn as a shaman. And Hwon and Yeon Woo finally meet again! I thought it would take at least five more episodes, but things are moving fast! Good. That means we have more time for angst, drama, and looove. But let’s start from the beginning… Nok Young is headed off somewhere, and the girls all gather to see her off. Grown up Yeon Woo reveals herself on the dock, but Nok Young covers her up and tells Yeon Woo not to greet any strangers, or form any connections. Connections? How long is Nok Young going to be gone? Does she think Yeon Woo is going to get a boyfriend all of a sudden? I guess Nok Young is worried, even after all these years, about keeping Yeon Woo’s identity under wraps. A ship approaches the dock, carrying Yang Myung. Yang Myung wonders to a fellow traveler why there are so many people gathered around, and he finds out that the king is passing through today. He smiles to himself and says Yeon Woo must have made sure Yang Myung would see Hwon after all. He heads into town and almost runs straight into Yeon Woo, but doesn’t notice her.


Seol and Yeon Woo, free of Nok Young’s authority, decide to have a day of fun in town. That is, until they hear of the king’s arrival. Yeon Woo wants to watch the processional, but a worried Seol says no. Yeon Woo pouts, but Seol stands her ground. It must be hard for Seol to be Yeon Woo’s confidant and bestie, but be keeping a huge secret from her. I hope she can at least find solace in her swords. King Hwon’s grand caravan heads towards town, and Hwon asks that the shade of his sedan be raised. Hyung Sun says that if he’s going to show his face, he should at least smile, but Hwon argues that a smile would be a prettiness overload. Ha. That’s the excuse he should give Bo Kyung: “I’m just too pretty to sleep with you. You can’t handle this beauty.”


The townsfolk line up to get a chance to see the king, but the guard in charge of letting them in is a total jerk. He won’t let in a woman and her child because, as he says, they aren’t dressed well enough. AND he knocks the woman down. Yeon Woo is having none of this, and she comes to the woman’s defense. She stands in front of the guard and tells him she’s a shaman, and that he will die soon because he’s been drinking too much after his abused wife left him for a younger man. The guard is dumbstruck, and runs off after Yang Myung, who’s caused some kind of ruckus. Yeon Woo raises the rope and tells all the townspeople to hurry through. Nice to see that even though Yeon Woo lost her memory, she didn’t lose her penchant for defending the defenseless. Seol chides Yeon Woo for her little stunt, saying that she needs to stop pretending to be a shaman when she doesn’t have any mystical powers. What? I did not see that coming - but I like it. Seol wonders how Yeon Woo knew all those things about the guard? Deductive reasoning, answers Yeon Woo. The guard clearly didn’t respect women, his nose was red and his breath smelled of alcohol, and he showed a dislike for handsome young men (In this case, Seol. Ha!). So Yeon Woo is basically Shawn Spencer. How great would it be if this show turned into Psych: The Sageuk? So great. The guards are still chasing Yang Myung, but they all stop to bow when they hear the king is arriving. Yeon Woo and Seol take their places and bow as well. Yang Myung sneaks a peek at Hwon, and sees his old friend Woon walking alongside the sedan. Yang Myung looks a little sad, as if remembering the good times he had with his bros, both real and figurative. Yeon Woo has her head down, but a butterfly distracts her (just like when she first met Hwon), and she raises herself to look at it until she’s standing upright. She looks over at the sedan and sees Hwon, and is so overcome with emotion she bursts into tears. Of course, she has no idea why she’s so affected by seeing the king, which probably makes her even more emotional. Yang Myung notices Yeon Woo standing, and looks over at her, but bows his head again. Seol tries to get Yeon Woo to bow, but fails, and once the guards spot them she runs away, dragging Yeon Woo with her. Yang Myung sees the women running off, and the guards following them, and decides to run after them. Hwon notices the commotion, but doesn’t really register any of it. If he only knew! Seol runs while holding Yeon Woo’s hand, which triggers Yeon Woo’s memory of her running through the palace with Hwon. When Seol finally stops, hiding the two girls behind a building, Yeon Woo asks her if they’ve ever run from guards like this before. Seol says no, and Yeon Woo wonders just whose memories she’s reliving. Yang Myung is still searching for Yeon Woo. He stops himself and wonders what he’s expecting to find. He knows the girl he’s looking for is dead and buried. Hwon is taking a bath, wearing bathing robes, which if you ask me is a huge waste. Why be in the bath if you’re not going to give us some partial nudity? Screw historical accuracy! Anyway, Hwon is upset with Hyung Sun for keeping the “real” townspeople away from his procession. Apparently Hwon wanted to be greeted by toothless beggars. He’s irritated, and asks Woon to join him in the bath (DO IT, WOON). The atmosphere gets a little awkward, and Hyung Sun shoos everyone out of the room, save Woon and himself. He begs the king to stop making such comments, as there are already rumors swirling around the palace.


Hwon asks whatever could Hyung Sun mean? Hyung Sun stumbles over his words, but says that Hwon is never with the queen, and he spends all his time with Woon…. Hwon smiles and turns to Hyung Sun, “Would you like to join me instead?” Hyung Sun covers his chest and scurries out of the room. Hwon smiles to himself again, and says to Woon, “Finally… It’s just the two of us.” And just like that Grown Up Hwon becomes my new favorite. Hyung Sun stands outside, freaking out. He wonders, “Could his preference have changed?” Yang Myung shows up, hoping to see the king, but when Hyung Sun opens the doors, the king is gone. Hwon and Woon walk through town, dressed in regular clothes as to hide their identities, and Hwon finally gets to see the poor, homeless townspeople he was looking for. Hwon runs into a scruffy kid on his way to bring his sister the most unappetizing salad ever. He gives the boy money, and promises to send his father back home. Woon senses a disturbance, and tells the king they are being followed. Hwon isn’t shaken, and assures Woon it’s a spy sent by his father in law. He decides to have a little fun with the spy, and he and Woon make a break for it and run into the woods. Once they’ve lost the tail, the two stop to rest, noticing it’s about to rain. Hwon wistfully looks a the sky and says, “It’s Yeon Woo.” Just then he sees a vision of young Yeon Woo, and when she runs away, Hwon runs after her.    Nok Young meets with a priest, who tells her she’s messed with fate a little too much. Those fated to be together will find a way to be together, no matter what you try to put in their way. He tells Nok Young that the reason the king is unhealthy is that he’s separated from the one he’s supposed to be with, and he won’t get better until they are reunited. Nok Young tells the priest the two are already separated, and Yeon Woo has lost her memories of their time together. The priest tells her that Yeon Woo’s memories will return eventually, and Nok Young worries that Yeon Woo will have to relive the pain she felt as a young girl. Or maybe Nok Young doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of fake killing her all over again. Yeon Woo sits with Seol, lost in thought. She tells Seol she knows now whose memories she was seeing – the king’s. Yeon Woo thinks she’s finally gotten her powers. Seol knows the truth, but keeps her mouth shut. Yeon Woo worries about Nok Young, who’s late returning from the priest’s, and heads outside to wait for her.


Meanwhile, Hwon and Woon have gotten lost in a thick fog. They see a light approaching, and Hwon wonders, “Is that the moon?” In a way, it is! Young Yeon Woo appears, holding a lantern. Hwon clears his mind, sure that he’s seeing things, and sees that it’s grown up Yeon Woo holding the lantern. The two stare at each other, wide eyed. Yeon Woo brings the men back home, and gives them the meal meant for Nok Young. She recognizes the king, but pretends not to know his identity. Hwon can’t stop staring at Yeon Woo, and asks whom she was waiting for. He’s not his usual smooth self. The Hwon I know would have said, “So… I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind me eating his dinner.” And then Yeon Woo would giggle and tell him she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I mean, come on guys, duh. Hwon asks about all the books in the house, and finds out Yeon Woo is an avid reader. He’s reminded of 13 year old Yeon Woo, and how shocked he was to find out she was interested in reading and learning as much as possible. Hwon tells himself that these are just coincidences, Yeon Woo is dead, and this woman simply resembles her. Still, she captivates him. Hwon quickly takes a drink to snap back into reality. When Hwon offers Woon a drink and Woon refuses, Yeon Woo tells him he’s being a terrible guard. He should drink before Hwon, to make sure the drink is safe. Hwon is the king after all. Hwon grabs Yeon Woo and pulls her towards him. “How did you know I’m the king?!” Yang Myung lies in bed, thinking of Yeon Woo. He asks her if, in the next life, she could see him first, before Hwon. Back at Yeon Woo’s house, Hwon asks if they’ve ever met before. Hwon’s acting a little crazy, but he’s excited by the chance that this woman could be his Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo assures him they’ve never met, but Hwon presses on. How did she know he was the king? Reluctantly, Yeon Woo admits she looked at him during the procession. Hwon’s face drops, and he laughs at his own foolish hopes. He tells Woon that the rain has stopped, so it’s time to go.


Hwon is outside, but calls back to Yeon Woo to ask her name. She tells him she doesn’t have a name – Nok Young didn’t want her to forge any connections by having a name (way harsh, Nok Young) – but everyone calls her Miss. Hwon looks at the moon and tells Yeon Woo that he’s naming her Wol (Moon). Yeon Woo smiles and says, “Wol. Now I have a name.” Hwon and Woon return to the palace to find Yang Myung waiting. He greets the king respectfully, and Hwon tells him he hasn’t seen him in years, can’t Yang Myung raise his head and look at his brother? Yang Myung obliges, and Hwon tells him he’s as good looking as ever. The tension is broken, and the brothers are reunited.


The two brothers share a drink, and although they invite Woon to join them, he holds his post as guard and refuses to abandon it. Hwon and Yang Myung make a bet, saying that whoever gets Woon to drink gets to have a request fulfilled by the loser. Hwon tells Woon to drink and adds that it’s an order, and Woon, dedicated to following orders, takes a drink. Hwon’s request is that Yang Myung simply answer a question: Do you still carry her (Yeon Woo) in your heart? Yang Myung answers that even if Yeon Woo were in his heart, she’d still be dead. He doesn’t want to miss her, or forget her, so he tells his heart that she is no longer of this world. Hwon repeats his brother’s words, as if telling himself what he must do.


King Hwon returns home to find that his ministers have been up to no good. He demands that they put together a report giving every detail of the project so he can see just what’s been going on. From the looks on the minister’s faces, there are more than a few shady aspects of their project. Minister Yoon meets with a shaman, and asks for her help in controlling the king in exchange for him making her chief shaman. She tells him that she’s planted a talisman in the king’s room, and she can activate it at Yoon’s request.


Bo Kyung goes to see the king, and he reluctantly agrees to meet with her. She tells him if he’s not going to produce an heir with her, he should get a concubine to have a kid with. Bo Kyung tells Hwon that the future of the kingdom is more important than her own feelings. Hwon’s face softens, and he tells her he understands. Just as Bo Kyung thinks she’s finally getting through to the king, he calmly announces that he’ll get a concubine. Whoops! That wasn’t exactly what Bo Kyung was trying to achieve.


Hwon continues to tell Bo Kyung that he hates the way she says the opposite of what she really means, and, basically, that he hates everything about her. Bo Kyung gets up and walks out, but before she leaves she stands at the door with her back to Hwon and asks him how long he’s going to love a ghost. She goes on about how she’s supposed to be the one in his heart, but while she’s blubbering Hwon is clutching his chest in pain. Bo Kyung finishes her speech, but by that time Hwon is already passed out on the table. The Queen Dowager decides that it’s time to bring back Nok Young. She’s the most powerful shaman, and with her help Hwon’s sickness can be cured, and he can start to love his wife. (At this point, it would take some major magic to get Hwon to even tolerate his wife.) Hwon lies in bed, recovering, and asks Woon to find the shaman they met in the woods. Hwon has a feeling she’s hiding something from him. Woon sets out on his mission on horseback, carrying his sword. Why are you always carrying your sword, Woon? You know they have special belt loops or backpacks for those things, right? Anyway, Woon shows up at the house, but it’s been abandoned. Just when we thought we wouldn’t be blessed with any Min Hwa scenes in this episode, here she is! Min Hwa is distraught at the sight of her puffy eyes. She was up all night crying, and now is afraid she’s so unsightly her husband will leave her. Turns out last night was one of Min Hwa and Yeom’s scheduled sexytimes, but Yeom was a no show. He gets a talking to from his mom, who urges him to fulfill his duties as husband. That’s gotta be a fun convo to have with your mom. He says that Min Hwa is just so young, and he thinks of her as a little sister. Mom tells him she’s a grown woman – old enough to be a mother – and he needs to see her that way. Plus, Mom adds, Min Hwa basically saved their family, and Yeom shouldn’t forget that. Three ministers are sent to bring Nok Young back to the palace. She refuses their invitation, and tells them she’ll go see the Queen Dowager herself later. Nok Young quickly shoos the men out after one of them starts asking questions about Yeon Woo.


Yeon Woo is still looking for Seol. She tries to use her psychic powers as a GPS, holding her finger to her temple, but can’t get it to work. Funny, it always works for Yeon Woo’s psychic twin, Shawn Spencer. Yeon Woo wonders if her powers have left her for good. The minister that asked about Yeon Woo won’t let it go, and decides that they cannot return to the palace empty handed. He orders some men to capture Yeon Woo, and they lock her in a sedan and carry her back to the palace. Yeon Woo is trapped in the dark sedan, and had flashbacks to being in the coffin. She gasps for breath and claws at the sides of the box, wondering to herself, “Whose memories are these?” A Few Thoughts… First of all, how much would it suck to keep having flashbacks from a stranger’s memories? I would completely freak out. But Yeon Woo is a stronger woman than me, I guess, because she’s handling it pretty well. She also thinks it may be her shaman powers manifesting, so I guess that lessens the freak-out factor a bit. I’m SO glad Yeon Woo and Hwon have met. I thought it would take forever and we’d keep seeing them almost meet and just barely miss each other, but TMTETS got right down to business. I don’t know how much of that will-they-or-won’t-they-meet nonsense I could take. I’m excited to see how their relationship develops. I just love watching them stare at each other like, “Who are you?” or, “I love you, you familiar stranger.” And Hwon! He completely endeared himself to me in this episode. That Kim Soo Hyun is one charming charmer. So far he’s the only one I prefer as an adult. Speaking of adults, does anyone else think adult Yeom looks about 40 years old? I do. He looks like he’s the narc of the palace or something. And now, speaking of kids… I miss those kids! They were so good! I’m glad we get glimpses of 13 year old Yeon Woo every now and then – it reminds me of all the good times we had together.