MR (Music recorded) removed videos are quite popular due to it showing an artist's live singing. Creators of these videos lower the background music, exposing the singers’ raw singing. But what happens when the music is removed during the actual live performance? Judging from girl group APink’s performance earlier in February: No music? No problem! A video of the girl group is going viral when technical difficulties caused the music to stop, resulting in them singing “LUV” a capella.

Audio problems were noticeable from the start of their performance at the 7th Winner Club Event held on February 12. Unfortunately, it got worse from there when the music abruptly stopped during Hayoung’s part, catching her and the rest of the girls off guard. The vocalist was wide eyed, but continued on not missing a note. Some awkward laughter ensued; however, like the pros they are, they turned an embarrassing situation into a memorable, endearing performance. There was impromptu beatboxing by the members, the audience chanting and clapping along, and smiles all around.

Check out the video of the performance below, and watch as the music stops at the 0:57 mark.

What did you think of their performance?