4Minute and Trouble maker member, Hyuna had a "Walk-Off" with British singer, Rita Ora...FOR REAL!

It's so random and weird, but it's so fabulous and awesome at the same time! It's everything you could ever hope for in a Pop Star walk-off! There's balloons, and skimpy outfits, and heels, and cat walks, and then walks with props! There's outfit changes and not to mention a fan blowing off-set in order to make their hair look fabulous!

There were several stages and both girls were rated with points. They both walked to 4Minute's single, Whatcha Doin' Today and each stage had a theme such as, "cake walk" and "bike walk."

Check out the "Walk-Off" below and judge fairly!

Who gave their best walk in your opinion? Hyuna or Rita?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE