Street Fighter is one of the most popular video games in history, with millions of fans from around the world. But it's safe to say there's no Street Fighter fan like Paul "The Kicking Machine" Wordsworth, who loves the game so much he decided to turn into the main character and play the game for real.

Paul idolizes Ryu, and he wanted to become him, so he did just that. He definitely looks the part with his white karate outfit and red headband. But what sets Paul apart from every other cosplaying gamer is that he didn't just dress up like Ryu; he went all the way, attempting to destroy a car just like Ryu does in the bonus stage of the popular fighting game. His nickname is "The Kicking Machine," after all. 

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The resulting video of himself beating up a car is probably funnier than Paul intended, but if that's what's getting him and his feat attention, then so be it! He obviously doesn't care what anyone thinks; he's 100% transformed into Ryu and loving every moment of it.