Eric Moon is back with a fun and quirky new K-drama with a supernatural twist! Directed by the director of Marriage Not Dating, Another Oh Hae Young is about two women (Seo Hyun Jin and Jun Hye Bin) who develop a rivalry after sharing the same name, going to the same school, and working at the same company. Things get even more complicated when a handsome film sound director (Eric Moon) suddenly develops the ability to see glimpses of his future, which includes mishaps with both women.


Not only do two women share the same name — Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin, Jeon Hye Bin) — they also share a destiny with the same man: Park Do Kyung (Eric Moon). Fate gets sticky when Do Kyung, a clairvoyant, discovers visions of both Hae Young's in his future. Not liking what he sees, Do Kyung tries his best to avoid contact with both women, but can he outrun fate?



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