The handsome actor is still soaking in the success of his popular drama Doctor Crush, and we bet he is in no hurry to sign on to another project, but if we were if in a dream world where we could influence which genre of film/drama he chose next, this is what we would pick:

A few of our favorite Kim Rae Won dramas are Punch, where he plays a dying anti-corruption officer who busts the baddies, and Gangnam Blues, where he gets separated from his brother (Lee Min Ho) and gets recruited by a gang, and What Planet Are You From?, where he tragically loses the woman he's in love with. Now connect the dots and find the similarities between the dramas! Figured it out yet?

He's sad, angry and frowning in all of them! But switch back to Doctor Crush, where he can't stop flaunting that winning smile! Yup, I like a happy Kim Rae Won over a sad one. So I propose, when he picks his next drama, he chooses a script that has him being goofy, funny or happy. Or rather - all three! Are you listening Kim Rae Won?

What genre of dramas/films would you like to see Kim Rae Won pick next? Chat with us in the comments section below.