Yesterday we posted about how Japanese netizens were disgusted by what was being served for  lunch in American public schools. The reaction was based on the fact that most school lunches in Japan (and Asia in general) promote healthy eating and are comprised of lots of vegetables and low-fat foods. Today we will post photos of the healthy and appetizing food that is being served in Japan's schools. A blog dedicated to Japanese school lunches  ( was started by a musician living in Tokyo who was interested in exploring Japanese elementary school lunches. As promised, we return today with a general picture of what kids in Japan are eating in school. Let's see what's on the menu for school lunches in Japan: 09.10.29 First off we have rice, miso soup, grilled mackerel & japanese vegetables and milk. 09.11.10 Next up we have some Yakisoba, fried egg and an apple, seaweed soup and milk. 09.11.11 Then to indulge a bit we have croquette along with egg drop soup and sauteed cabbabge. And milk. 09.11.09 Keeping it light and simple we have potato stew, fried fish, miso soup. 09.10.27 Last but not least, "autumn" stew, seaweed salad and wheat germ toast and milk! Definitely a colorful (and nutritious) contrast to American school lunches. What do you think about the school lunches in Japan?