Has Aaron Yan ditched Puff Guo from Just You for another woman? Fans of the Aaron Yan + Puff Guo pairing are very upset and are declaring boycott against Aaron Yan's new drama. What's going on?

Aaron Yan and Puff Guo became the most favorite couple because of the popularity of Taiwanese romance-comedy drama, Just You. So naturally, when Aaron Yan scheduled his next romance drama, Fall In Love With Me, Puff Guo would be the obvious choice.

However, Puff Guo is tied up for the moment with Super Junior's Heechul filming We Got Married 2 - Global Edition. Therefore, Tia Li was chosen to co-star with Aaron Yan in the new drama. Tia Li is a member of the three-girl singing group, Dream Girls, which also includes Puff Guo. Tia Li also starred in supportive roles in the popular romance-comedy dramas, Miss Rose and Office Girls.

Taiwanese fans of the Aaron and Puff pairing are not so quick to accept the new pairing. They are so upset that they've threatened to boycott the new show.

Finally, Aaron Yan publicly said, "It is difficult to always have the same pairing to continue in any drama. Everyone has his or her own schedule. This is a good opportunity for Tia too. The character and personality of the female lead suits her well. There will be a lot of fun moments in the new drama. People will definitely like her role."

While hoping the audience will treat this matter sensibly, Aaron also said, "People should accept different pairings. However, I can understand how the fans feel. If I were in their shoes, I would want to see more romantic scenes of my favorite pairing too."

Let's hope his fans calm down. The drama will start broadcasting after Deja Vu completes its 22-episode run. It will be shown on DramaFever too, so sign up now for your free New Series Alert and watch Fall in Love With Me right here on DramaFever!