Life does give you a second chance! In the nostalgic drama Answer Me 1988, Girl's Day singer-actress Hyeri's character was chosen to carry the sign for Madagascar in the Summer Olympics' opening ceremony. Unfortunately, her character ultimately didn't get to fulfill her wish despite hours of practice. Now, a special and most touching request has arrived from the faraway island nation!

If you've ever watched the grand opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, you know that each country's athletes march under their official flag during the Parade of Nations. The host country also assigns a team of representatives who hold up the signs inscribed with the names of the countries.

In Answer Me 1988, Deok Sun (Hyeri) and her family were very excited when she was chosen to carry such a sign for Madagascar. She practiced for hours for her special assignment.

Unfortunately, Madagascar did not attend the Summer Olympics in Seoul, and Deok Sun (Hyeri) didn't get to fulfill her dream to appear at the Olympics.

Fast forward 30 years, when the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Although Madagascar will have only one athlete to compete in the preeminent international sports event, its team will still march during the Parade of Nations.

Ambassador Im Sang Woo of the South Korean embassy in Madagascar announced, on February 3, that the PyeongChang organizing committee had responded positively to having Hyeri carry the sign for the faraway island nation. He also released a statement, on February 5, saying “It would have symbolic meaning for Hyeri to be the picket girl. We would like her to appear with the athletes from Madagascar. But these things need to be arranged in advance, so it’s not something we can just push forward. If it’s possible, we would like to do it.”*

On February 6, Hyeri's agency responded that “Hyeri did receive an offer to be the picket girl, but unfortunately she will not be able to attend due to conflicting schedules.”*

That's too bad!

Still, it's a warmhearted gesture, and we'd like to wish the best to the Madagascar athlete, Alpine skiier Mialitiana Clerc, who grew up in France after adoption but will compete for her birth country as the first female athlete representing Madagascar.

Meanwhile, Hyeri and fellow Girl's Day member Sojin have been appointed as ambassadors for the Pyeongchang Olympic Fashion Crew. They will participate in various promotional activities.

How many years will it be before another Olympics comes to South Korea? Personally, I can't help but want Hyeri to ditch her schedule and go carry the sign for Madagascar! What do you think?

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