It may be cold outside, but it's hot in dramaland. The end of January means new K-drama hotties to fall in love with! DramaFever has 6 new and upcoming K-dramas filled with eye candy to warm you up this frigid winter. I have listed just 9 of the leading men you have to watch this month.

1.Lee Kwang Soo (Puck! premiered on January 19.)

The Running Man cast member takes the leading role in a brand new sporty short series. He has acted in several productions over the years, but it's not every day you see him in the leading role of a drama. 

2. Kwak Dong Yeon (Puck!)

Kwak is a former award-winning child actor with dramas like My Husband Got a Family and Modern Farmer under his belt. He is a superstar in the making! The cute-as-a-button actor is also an idol in training who stars alongside Lee Kwang Soo in the hockey show. 

3. Jung Il Woo (High End Crush premiered on January 20.)

He has pretty much been a fan favorite since the 2006 sitcom Unstoppable High Kick! Jung has the Midas touch when it comes to K-dramas, and he is loved for almost everything he stars in. High End Crush should be no different. 

4. Sung Joon (Madame Antoine premieres on January 22.)

I think viewers discovered just how sexy this tall actor was when he swept Kim So Yeon's character off her feet in the 2014 series I Need Romance 3. Can the talented K-drama star do the same for Han Ye Seul

5. Jung Jin Woon (Madame Antoine)

Jung has been a household name since his days in the well-known boy group 2AM. Fans love his voice, his acting, and his killer good looks. He will be stiff competition for Sung Joon their new series.

6. Lee Je Hoon (Signal premieres on January 22.)

He was adorably shy in Architecture 101, and his acting was on point! The popular film star doesn't act in many TV dramas, so if you see him in one, it's a must see!

7. Park Shi Hoo (Neighborhood Hero premieres on January 25.)

Park returns to television after a 2013 scandal threatened to ruin his career forever. Following the charges being dropped, will the public fall in love with him again? You will have to tune into Neighborhood Hero to find out.

8. Lee Soo Hyuk (Neighborhood Hero)

He has built quite an impressive resume following his teen heartthrob days. Lee also proved he had the potential to be a top star in the 2011 musical What's Up. He must have something special up his sleeve for this exciting new action series. 

9. Kim Jeong Hoon (Missing Korea premieres on January 27.)

He was every viewer's BAE in Goong! Since then, Prince Yul became a necessity in K-dramas. After transforming TV programs for about a decade, I wonder how the timeless heartthrob will help Sandara Park become a pageant front-runner.

That's my must-see list. Which actor are you looking forward to seeing the most this winter?

Watch Jung Il Woo in High End Crush now:

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