Yes, you read that right, Pokemon Go fans: there is going to be a live-action Pokemon film. And it’s about Pikachu. As an adorable detective.

Based on the Japan-only digital game Great Detective Pikachu, studio Legendary Pictures has announced their plans to make a live-action version of the quirky title, making it the first Pokemon movie that isn't animated. Probably in an attempt to cash in on that insane Pokemon Go craze--the hugely popular app where people walk around catching digital versions of their favorite critters on their phone--the studio is accelerating production to get this movie out as quickly as possible.

While plot details haven’t yet been confirmed, one can only hope the studio brings in at least some of the things that make Great Detective Pikachu so awesome a game. It has the lovable electric mouse as a shy but bossy lead sleuth. He likes to visit cafes and, naturally, solve cases. He also has an employee named Tim, a puny human who has to follow his boss’s every order. Together, they collect evidence and solve cases, with Tim handling human conversation and Pikachu taking care of the Pokemon.

Plus, Pikachu actually forces Tim to ask out women on his behalf. And, before you ask how weird that is, let’s read it again: Pikachu goes out with women in this game. How can it not be a great movie?

Filming for Detective Pikachu is expected to start sometime in 2017, almost 22 years after the release of the first game in the franchise. So go ahead and start planning to sit in the front row. And don’t care if someone tells you Pokemon is for kids.

The truest Pokemaniacs stopped being kids a long time ago.


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