Following the explosive response to my article about Kim Hun Joong enlisting, I decided to focus on another beloved Boys Over Flowers actor, Lee Min Ho. My first article was only intended to lighten the mood following numerous negative articles written about Kim Hyun Joong over the past few months. It was not written to insult him in any way. I have literally been a fan of his since 2005, and I started a fan twitter in 2009.

Like the first article, I know Lee Min Ho is a talented actor and I respect him. I'm a big fan of the Boys Over Flowers K-drama and soundtrack! We all know military duty is mandatory for South Korean men. So, let's have some fun with our favorite stars before they leave us for two long years. 

Lee was recently approved for an extension postponing his military duty too. So, let's check out 7 of the possible reasons this handsome actor will never be ready to enlist.

1. Suzy won't let him leave.

They just started dating! Be honest. Would you be willing to let your boyfriend leave for two years if he was the sexy Lee Min Ho? 

2. He hasn't been featured in a Kurt Hugo Schneider YouTube video yet. 

He sang "My Everything" for a Boys Over Flowers special, but you haven't arrived until you join Max Schneider or Sam Tsui in a duet on YouTube. 

3. Nick Cannon hasn't cast him in Nickelodeon's Make It Pop

Megan Lee's upcoming series looks so fun. Who doesn't want to enjoy themselves while working? The series isn't about K-pop, but K-drama actors are another story.

4. He needs to try out a new fabulous perm.

It's been 6 years since he had Junpyo curls. I still think it was one of his best hairstyles to date.

5. K-drama fans need a Boys Over Flowers 2.

I would love to hear what Jan Di thinks about Junpyo dating a beautiful Miss A member. Plus, I know I can't be the only one missing the gorgeous F4. 

6. He wants to return to his glory days in high school one more time.

He has played a high school student so many times on the small screen. He must miss it dearly. Since he didn't have the chance to attend prom with Park Shin Hye in Heirs, maybe he can take Suzy.

7. He wants to audition to be in One Direction.

Zayn Malik has officially left the band. It's time for Lee to become a heartthrob in the UK!

I know I'm missing some! What fun reasons would you add to this list?

If you want to see more of Lee Min Ho, his movie Gangnam Blues will be coming to DramaFever on April 18! This movie will only be available to DramaFever Premium members in the United States and Canada, so don't forget to upgrade HERE to get 50% off! In the meantime, see Lee Min Ho in the time travel romance Faith:

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