Every K-pop super fan knows that there are two pieces to a great K-pop song - the song itself and the dance. Getting to know the choreography that goes with a new K-pop song is almost as fun as getting to know the song! And some fans take it to the next level by recreating their favorite K-pop dances! From dance covers of Exid and iKon to BigBang and EXO, some of these dancers definitely give the K-pop idols a run for their money!

Scroll through and watched these 9 awesome K-pop dance covers and let us know how these dancers' skills measure up!

1. EXO - Call Me Baby (Cover by Jimin Choi/Malhada)

These girls definitely kill this dance!

2. Girls' Generation - Catch Me If You Can (Cover by Flying Dance Studios)

Can you tell any difference between SNSD and the girls in this dance cover? I have a hard time! Amazing.

3. BTS - Run (Cover by EAST2WEST)

This group went all out for this dance cover! It really feels like the Run music video!

4. Stellar - Sting (Cover by Koreos UCLA)

Besides having the best dance crew name (Koreos? Brilliant!), these guys definitely rock this dance! They do it just as well as the Stellar ladies!

5. Dalshabet - Someone Like U (Cover by RISIN' CREW)

RISIN' CREW is actually a dance crew out of Paris! Seeing the beautiful Parisian background set against Dalshabet's new song is truly amazing. The K-pop wave is everywhere!

6. iKon - Rhythm Ya (Cover by EAST2WEST)

The choreography and filming of this video is so professional - it's almost just like watching iKon!

7. Exid - Ah Yeah (Cover by Flying Dance Crew)

Another brilliant dance cover by Flying Dance Crew. The have the outfits, the moves, and the Exid attitude to pull this off! Also check out their cover of Exid's Up and Down - it is amazing!

8. BIGBANG (GD & T.O.P.) - Zutter (Cover by Pania)

These girls definitely do the fantastic Zutter choreography justice! New K-pop girl group in the making? I wish!

9. BTS - Dope (Cover by AO Crew)

AO Crew channel BTS wonderfully! What a flawless cover.

Which dance cover is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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