Kim Ji Soo is many things to many people. For some he's a major second-lead syndrome giver. For others he's worthy enough to make it to their bias list. But for me, he's the kind of guy who has EPIC bromances! Just scroll thorough his Instagram feed, and its brimming with pictorial odes to his male posse. Not to forget the actor's affinity to hitting it off with all his male co-stars. Remember his epic bromance with Nam Joo Hyuk during their Scarlet Heart: Ryeo days? And then the magical chemistry he shared with Park Hyung Sik from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon who technically played his nemesis in the drama. In short, Ji Soo gives us major FRIENDSHIP GOALS! His commitment to his brosephs is so exemplary, that it makes you want to call your bestie STAT. Here are 10 of his most epic odes to his brosephs!

Ps: Yes, you may call your bestie once you're done ogling at all these hotties!

1. Oh you know....just chilling in silk jammies with his bestie!

2. Another with Nam Joo Hyuk because you can never have too many pictures with your favorite human!


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3. CREW! Also how cute is his hat?!

0429 요한이형 생일 날🙏🏻

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4. If you're not bringing in New Year's with your besties, it doesn't even really count!


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5. Kickstarting bromances everywhere he goes!

With my favorite musician Damien Rice.

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6. Recognize Kim Yeol from Queen of Mystery?

발칙하게 고고 마지막 주 끝까지 본방사수 해주세요!!

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7. I don't think we have ever seen him this happy!

조으다 ㅎㅎㅎ

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8. So many famous faces in one photo! Ji Soo sure knows how to pick his friends ;)


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9. The only thing not cute about this picture is Park Bo Young ruining their bromance!

힘쎈여자 도봉순 오늘 밤 11시 JTBC에서 첫 방송 합니다!! 본방사수!

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10. And we are saving the best for the last! #MajorBromanceGoals


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