Last year, we were flooded with so many amazing K-dramas that our social lives seriously suffered. Every night we settled in for another installment of our favorite programs and became so attached to some characters, we almost thought they were real. This article mentions a few of those special characters we still have a hard time getting over. 

1. Wang So (actor Lee Joon Ki) - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

He was such a complex and broken character, that you couldn't help but love him as the series progressed. Nothing makes a bigger impression that monogamy from your lover. Wang So tried his best to stay true to Hae Soo by proposing so she would be his only queen. Wang So was one of a kind. 

2. Je Ha (actor Ji Chang Wook) - The K2

This bodyguard should exist in real life! Jeha was not only dedicated to his job, but he risked his life time and time again to make sure his love, Anna, was safe. He couldn't live with himself if something happened to her. 

3. Eun Ha Won (actress Park So Dam) - Cinderella and Four Knights

She may have been determined and hard working, but this modern-day Cinderella had a cute side too. Her famous drunk scene displayed just how adorable Ha Won could actually be. No wonder the Kang cousins couldn't help falling for her! Ha Won was always full of surprises, and K-drama fans miss her terribly. 

4.  Kim Hyun Ji (actress Kim So Hyun) - Let's Fight Ghost

Even after Hyun Ji came back to life, she was still as feisty as ever! The ghost version of herself was even more amplified in her human body. Bong Pal wasn't getting away with anything as long as he was her boyfriend. We all need more of Hyun Ji in our lives. 

5. Yoo Hye Jung (actress Park Shin Hye) - Doctor Crush

Hye Jung was the ultimate girl crush last year. Not only did she beat the odds and became a doctor, she was more than capable of protecting her co-workers against gangsters. Saving lives in the medical field took on a whole new meaning with her. Why can't everyone's bestie be like Hye Jung? 

6. Shin Suk Ho (actor Ji Sung)  - The Entertainer

The new boss delighted viewers with his quirky and upbeat personality, but many are still waiting for that one steamy kiss between he and his on-screen love. We learned all there was to know about him. Now, it's time for us to see him and Jung Geu Rin in their happily ever after.

7. Jin Jung Suk (actor Ha Suk Jin) - Let's Drink

He was so full of himself, it was hilarious! Jung Suk had to be in a group all his own, and no one was allowed to enter his elite world. Who doesn't miss laughing at just how clueless the top instructor could be about the world around him? Everyone in Let's Drink had their own charm, but he had obnoxious class we loved. 

8. Do Jin Woo (actor Taecyeon) - Touching You

He used his psychic powers for good, especially when it came to the woman he loved. Jin Woo pretty much stuck to Jin Hee Young like glue in order to protect her from a tragic accident in the future. He had to provoke her boyfriend to punch him to find out if he was dangerous too. Jin Woo was a knight in shining armor no one wanted to see go.

9. Jung Cha Sik (actor Ji Soo)Page Turner

Even though he looked tough on the outside, there was such an innocence about Cha Sik. He was a mamma's boy who pianist Yoon Yoo Seul became very attached to after he became her helper at school. No one wanted to say goodbye to this lovable character. His presence stood out so much that you can't help but miss him. 

Which 2016 K-drama character do you want to stay with you forever? 


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