YG Entertainment artists are honored on YouTube! This year the sassy girl group 2NE1 and the eccentric boy group Big Bang were recognized as influential recording artists on the largest video sharing website. Big Bang hasn't even released an album in 3 years, while 2NE1 returned with their Crush album in February of 2014.

For the second annual YouTube Awards, they are listed alongside 50 other global stars who are signed to major and independent labels. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Drake, Big Sean, and Megan Nicole are just some of the top acts receiving an award for their efforts this year. 

The awards each winner received were not specified in YouTube's official announcement on March 2.

An official from YouTube Korea had this to say about the winners' selection: "Winners were selected based on various factors like the number of hits each music video receives." Unfortunately, an award ceremony won't be held this year.

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Big Bang is gearing up for a possible return to K-Pop in the first half of this year. 2NE1, on the other hand, plans to embark on solo projects. CL is preparing for her debut album in the US this spring, and Sandara Park will act in an online drama series. It will be a joint production of South Korea and China with Naver TV Cast and Youku, which is the biggest video-streaming website in China, airing the series. 

During the first annual YouTube Awards in 2014, Girls' Generation won the Best Music Video Award for "I Got A Boy."

A big congratulations to the YG Family! 

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