If you're like me and you love to bring your friends and family little gifts back from your travels, then you may have wondered what the perfect souvenirs from your trip to South Korea would be. You want something lightweight and compact that you can fit in your suitcase, and you also want it to be fun, affordable, and useful so that your friends will actually enjoy it. Here are 5 perfect little items you can easily find in Korea and  throw in an adorable gift bag for your friends and family to enjoy.

1. Face Masks

Not only are Korean face masks light and easy to shove into all the nooks of your suitcase, with the countless different "flavors" they come in, you can grab 3 of the most colorful and unique ones you can find for 1-3 dollars apiece. And your friends will love how soft and glowy their skin feels! Just grab a big pack from one of the many Korean beauty stores you'll find in any Seoul shopping district, like Myeongdong. 

2. Adorable Socks

Who doesn't love a pair of cute, cozy socks? Especially when they have an adorable animal or K-pop design! Lightweight and only 1-2 dollars apiece, you'll find these fun gems in underground subway shops and on the streets of shopping areas around Seoul. 

3. Fashion Jewelry

Korea is always at the cutting edge of fashion trends, and it's easy to find relatively inexpensive and stylish jewelry at little shops around town. Pick out earrings and a necklace that remind you of your sister or friend, and she's guaranteed to love them! 

4. Lip Masks

It's not just the skin on our faces that need rejuvenating moisture! Korean lip masks are not just cute, they restore your lips to the plump state they are meant to be in. Grab a pack of these for all your friends and wait to see the hilarious photos of them trying them out. They can be found at any beauty store in Korea. 

5. Cute Lotion

Regular old hand lotion hardly seems like an exciting gift, but package it in an iconic cute Korean container, and voila, you have a gift everyone will squee over! The great thing about these lotions is that they don't sacrifice quality for cuteness. The lotion inside not only smells amazing, but is also very effective at combatting dry skin. So pick up one for each of your gift bags at any Korean beauty store.

Make little gift bags containing these 5 gifts for each of your friends and family members, and you are guaranteed to not only get delightful reactions, but save money and space in your suitcase in the process. 

Which of these gifts do you want to get for your friends or yourself on your trip to Korea?

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