You know things are getting real in a K-drama romance when the couple has their first not-so-accidental almost kiss. Yesterday, episode 4 of Pinocchio gave us a strange but adorable surprise "toast kiss" between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. This isn't the first time Park Shin Hye has shared a food kiss with a hot male costar, though. How did this kiss compare to the famed "donut kiss" between her and Lee Min Ho in Heirs? It's time to decide!

Toast Kiss

It starts out the way all good not-so-accidental almost kisses do with Park Shin Hye minding her own business, just helping Lee Jong Suk with his tie. 

He pretends to be innocently gazing off into the distance...

When BAM, he swoops in for the bite-kiss! This moment is actually incredibly adorable.

I think we need a close-up to judge form:

The close-up shot looks a bit awkward, but I can't say toast is the most comfortable food choice for an accidental kiss with its triangular shape and pointy edges, so points to them for taking the challenge. Plus she is actually closing her eyes for once, so the moment looks more natural. Good job, Park Shin Hye! 

Watch the kiss in action on the latest episode of Pinocchio:

Donut Kiss

This time Park Shin Hye is not quite as innocent. She isn't just simply minding her own business and eating her food; she's teasing Lee Min Ho a little by looking into his eyes with each bite. And Lee Min Ho isn't pretending to gaze off into the distance. His eyes give away that he's scheming!

BAM! He swoops in for the bite-kiss! 

Park Shin Hye doesn't back down, though. She stares back like she's a dog defending it's bone (this is exactly how I would feel if someone tried to steal my donut too). The moment is funny and sweet.

And for the close-up:

The close-up reveals that Lee Min Ho is extremely close to pressing lips, but it's closer to a bite than a kiss. And Park Shin Hye's eyes are wide open, but it seems more fitting in this case since she had been daringly staring into his eyes already. 

There you have it! Which not-so-accidental food kiss was better played out? Which kiss would you rather experience? Comment below!