A good scary show succeeds with great scary stars! Many of the frightening characters are played by superb actors who are outstanding in different genres. In other words, we love them as actors even though we hate theirs characters that give us nightmares.

1. Jo Sung Ha - In Save Me, he is a cult leader whose sinister group entices followers with false compassion and promises. His smiles and kind words mask a man corrupted by his thirst for power and control. You wouldn't want to be standing close to him even under daylight. 

2. Namgoong Min - He has set the standard for handsome villains with his successful turns as a murderous chef in Sensory Couple and a ruthless heir in Remember. It's almost hard to believe that he is also a romantic leading man. 

3. Ji Jin Hee - In the suspenseful thriller Blood, the charming leading man plays a handsome doctor who is also a lethal vampire heading a team of vicious killers. Stay away from his hospital!

4. Young actor Park Solomon succeeds in Lookout as a fresh-faced, adorable teenager who is also a vicious killer. He is not one to give you sweet dreams.

5. Lee Joon Ki - The handsome leading man plays a vampire in Scholar Who Walks the Night and battles his nemesis, an even more powerful and vicious vampire played by Lee Soo Hyuk. The drama must have filled buckets of (fake) blood during the filming.

However, Lee Joon Ki wins the double-scare award because he is also the ruthless prince who is feared by friends and foes alike in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. (On the other hand, few fans would turn down the chance to dream about Lee Joon Ki.)

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