Life sometimes deals an unexpected bad turn that is bigger than we can solve by ourselves or so severe that it takes extra help and time to overcome. When it comes to actors who are regularly admired for their celebrity status and glamorous life, they may experience hardships that could harm their stature or even terminate their acting career. It could even be said that it's actually harder for them because of the public life they lead and the publicity beyond their control. Let's take a look at some actors who fell on hard times and how they rebounded to reach even greater height.

1. Lee Min Ho - Before the Hallyu star rose in fame in Boys Over Flowers, he was injured (along with his friend Jung Il Woo) in a car accident. The severity of the injuries meant he lost his role in a TV drama and was hospitalized for a year. (Due to the permanent damage to his leg, he is now serving in civil duty for his required military service.) What sustained him is apparently finding a strong purpose in life and keeping an optimistic attitude. As soon as he got out of the hospital, he went right back into acting until BOF came along.

In a 2014 interview, he said:

"For many people, the age of 20 is when they first reach adulthood and it's a time full of ideals and dreams. But when I was 20, a lot of misfortune came along. I spent a year in the hospital and couldn't move, and I was forced to think a lot. The perception I formed at that time became the sustaining foundation for me to continue to quietly persist and never be self-satisfied."


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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2. Hu Ge - The premier Chinese leading man suffered a horrible car accident which also took the life of his assistant. Hu Ge survived but went through two major surgeries in four days that included over a hundred sutures on his face and neck. He almost lost sight in his right eye. It would take him almost a year to recover and to restart the martial-arts drama, Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008 release), which halted production to wait for his return.

Looks aren't important to actresses only, they can also affect a leading man who is known to be one of the most handsome actors. If you look carefully, you can see the scars on Hu Ge's face, which ironically resonated with his captivating role in Nirvana in Fire. Hu Ge's comeback and persistence has earned huge admiration and respect for the top actor in China and among international fans.


Nirvana in Fire - 琅琊榜

Starring Hu Ge and Liu Tao

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Lee Min Ho and Hu Ge aren't the only actors or celebrities who have encountered car accidents. However, because of their severe injuries and how they rebounded that they are highlighted here as positive examples. Both leading men also lead in philanthropic efforts to help others in need. 

Of course car accidents aren't the only hardships in life. There are plenty of other examples.

3. Chae Rim - After a failed marriage that resulted in divorce in 2006, popular Korean actress Chae Rim (All About Eve) moved to China for a fresh restart. Just imagine that: she had to learn a new language and survive in a new working environment. Fortunately, she thrived in great roles and also romance with co-star, Chinese actor Gao Ziqi (aka Jiame Gao). The on-screen couple revealed their secret romance after dating for a few months. They married in 2014 and held two weddings, one in China and the other in Korea.

Gao Ziqi reportedly sang the American song "I Believe" in Korean when he proposed to Chae Rim. Isn't that so romantic? It's also a great true love story that proves there is a second chance after heartbreaks.

4. Gu Hye Sun - The popular Korean actress suffered a severe allergic reaction while filming new drama You Are Too Much. She had to leave her role after just a few episodes. Recently she received an art teacher certification while resting at home. Her husband, actor Ahn Jae Hyun, has stayed by her side and participated in her art project. Now, we're happy to hear that the popular actress is ready to return to acting.


You Are Too Much

Starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Gu Hye Sun

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What happens when your severe illness takes a lot longer to recover and might never leave you?

5. Shin Dong Wook - The heartthrob from Soulmate disappeared from the limelight until we recently saw him in new drama, Lookout. It turns out that he suffers from a chronic pain syndrome. When he was diagnosed, in 2011, with the extremely rare illness known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS), he had to exit army service early. During his recuperation, he wrote and  published his first novel, Writing, Space Journal, in 2016. 



Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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It's taken seven years for Shin Dong Wook to return to acting. The message here, nevertheless, is that given patience, hard work, and some luck, there can be another chance to fulfill one's dream or start a new dream.

In light of the recent news about Kim Woo Bin's cancer treatments and Bigbang'sT.O.P's situation, we extend the best wishes to them and anyone else who is going through life's hard times. There is always hope, and we will continue to give our warmest support. Please stay optimistic. The best of life is still on the way.

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