It's so easy for us, the viewers, to watch and evaluate actors on their performances. Actors are expected to deliver a convincing portrayal of a character, and sometimes they even have to play dual or multiple roles in the same drama. That's why those actors who are willing to take up the challenge of playing multiple characters should be awarded with an extra applause. Here are a few of these special actors in recent dramas.

1. Ji SungKill Me, Heal Me

A man suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and unsurprisingly, his seven uniquely different personalities don't get along with each other. He enlists the help of a first-year medical resident to heal him by killing off each personality one by one. Which one will survive? 

Ji Sung, and his co-star Hwang Jung Eum (Secret), stepped up to the challenge when the originally cast actors declined the offered roles. The replacement actors went on to win multiple well-deserved acting and popularity awards for their stunning performances in the acclaimed drama. Ji Sung also won Best Actor at the 4th Annual DramaFever Awards for this role.


Kill Me, Heal Me

Starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

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2. Yang Se JongDuel

Within the span of one year, Yang Se Jong went from a newly-debuted unknown actor to starring as the romantic leading man in Temperature of Love. He took on the challenge of a triple role in the suspenseful sci-fi thriller Duel, where he played two mysterious and competing clones, plus the original human that the clones were created from. 

The talented young actor impressed viewers with his convincing performance by playing three characters with different personalities. He definitely will go far!

3. Lee Young Ae, - Saimdang: Light's Dairy

This enthralling romance traverses between the past and the present to trace the tumultuous life of a famed Joseon female artist. In her comeback drama after the acclaimed Jewel In The Palace, actress Lee Young Ae plays an art history researcher who discovers a secret hidden in the paintings by the legendary Joseon artist, Shin Saimdang, whom she also plays.

By the way, Yang Se Jong also plays a dual role in this drama: as Lee Yong Ae's assistant in the present day, and also as the younger version of leading man Song Seung Hun in the past.


Saimdang: Light's Diary (Herstory)

Starring Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun

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4. Hyun BinHyde, Jekyll, and I

A spunky ringleader tries to save her circus from being shut down by her bristly, cold boss – only to discover that he's got an unexpectedly kind side to him. But which side is the one who's really listening to her – his Jekyll or Hyde? 

Hyun Bin, one of the hottest romantic leading men ever, plays a man who has to live with his other half. They record messages for each other to keep up with their secret double life. But unexpected love has a way to intrude, with surprising consequences.


Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Starring Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min

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5. Zhang Yi ShanA Seven-faced Man

In the new Chinese romantic comedy, Zhang Yi Shan takes up the challenge to play a man with seven different personalities. When he meets an inexperienced medical intern, the seven personalities vie for her attention.

Although he is only 25, Zhang Yi Shan already has a robust acting portfolio because he started early as a child actor. He has pursued increasingly complex roles ever since he successfully transformed into grown-up roles. Chinese viewers are giving him the thumbs up and his popularity is rising up near the ranks of top actors, such as Hu Ge (Game of Hunting) and William Chan (Lost Love in Times). 


A Seven-Faced Man - 柒个我

Starring Zhang Yi Shan and Cai Wen Jing

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6. Chae Soo BinI'm Not a Robot

At first it appears that Chae Soo Bin is playing a dual role as the real woman and the robot that resembles her, but she is actually playing three roles: Aji-3 the real robot, Jo Ji Ah the real woman, and the Pretend Aji-3 who can hilariously switch between the operational and friendly "chingu" modes.

The romantic triangle is, therefore, quite unique in that the leading lady is competing with herself twice. Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) is in love with her, but thinks she is the robot Aji-3. But, when he eventually meets the real her without the robot disguise, will he fall for her again or wish she was the pretend-robot?


I'm Not a Robot

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin

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Aren't these actors awesome? Who is your favorite actor for multiple roles? 

And, in the case of multiple personalities, which character is your favorite?

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